December 2015

Torn Apart (Dissolution), Theatre N16@TheBedford - Review

I met her in a Kingstown bar
We fell in love I knew it had to end
We took what we had and we ripped it apart
Now here I am down in Kingstown again
Hungry Heart, Bruce Springsteen
No Offence Theatre's Torn Apart takes place in three different periods of history, with an emotional chord that runs through them all.

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Black Artists In British Art – A History Since The 1950’s - Book Review

This book documents the background of key artists behind changing political climates and important art movements. It features a good selection of artwork by them, including female Black Artists Sonia Boyce, Sokari Douglas Camp and Veronica Ryan. This book is an exceptional, informal read and would benefit the further educational curriculum.

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The Sun Shining On Her Hands, Bread & Roses Theatre - Review

Previously appearing as a work-in-progress at The Rag Factory during the summer, Trip The Light Theatre's The Sun Shining On Her Hands makes its second appearance at the Bread & Roses Theatre in December.

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