February 2017

Othello review - Tobacco Factory, Bristol

The latest Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory production of Othello feels discomfortingly relevant.

Author's review: 

A love letter to Beyoncé

I celebrate Adele for speaking out and praising 'Lemonade.' So many times, as a writer of colour, I have been plagued with the fear that no one will get my ideas, or be interested in my narrative. And when I say 'no one,' 'anyone,' or 'people' I know that I mean the white majority.

Why going to the Women of the World festival isn't enough anymore.

It is a month before the festival starts and already every ticket – all the day passes and all the weekend passes have sold out. It seems Trump and the Women’s March has kickstarted a new feminist consciousness. Which is great. But feminism is more than going to London for one day as a protest, or attending a weekend of lectures.