(WJ) The price of a baby – missed productions

I’m delighted to be a mum but this is one of those moany blog entries. I list the performances / events I’ve been unable to attend as it may feel better to get this off my chest. It may also help prevent me from booking so many things without having formalised childcare arrangements first.

Lines, a play by James Fritz, Rosemary Branch theatre,5th to 30th April 2011 (also November 2010)
Free Fall, a play by Vinay Patel, part of Wordplay 22nd to 26th September 2011
EGG – a staged reading of a play by Sarah Kosar Weds 22nd June (also Phyllis at Arch 468 Saturday 27 November 2010 @ 7pm, directed by Lora Mander
Encourage The Others John Donnelly play –5pm 30th July, Almeida
Four Dogs and a Bone
Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Sunday 28th, Monday 29th August (would have seen Eastend Cabaret, Sarah Louise Young & Bagpuss)!
BAFTA screenwriters lecture – Moira Buffini Friday 16th September
Bubbles, short film by Leyla Pope private screening, Soho
Windsor Fringe Festival
BAFTA screenwriters lecture – Frank Cottrell Boyce Tuesday 27th September
Di and Viv and Rose – 3.15pm Saturday 8th October, Hampstead Theatre
Sleeping Beauty – 12pm Saturday 22nd October, Royal Ballet
What the Butler Saw – 7pm Saturday 22nd October, The Butler, Reading

Bombshells, Henley Fringe Festival
Snow White, New Diorama Theatre, London
Much Ado About Nothing, London
Jane Eyre, Johnny English Reborn (!), Midnight in Paris, films, Henley Picturehouse (thanks to the Baby Scream cinema club)
Tony Cragg Exhibition, Edinburgh museum of modern art
The Reading Berks (writing group) Reading
Crash Test Drama (ten minute plays) Reading

Hoping / Dreaming
Skane – 3.15pm Saturday 5th November, Hampstead Theatre
Life: Meaning Us, one act play by Melanie Hunter 8.30pm, Saturday 5th November, Theatro Technis
Last Picture Show, band, Saturday 12th November, Reading
BFI film festival
Phaedra’s Love, The Arcola
Off the Radar, band, numerous occasions – next playing Saturday 29th October, Sun Inn, Castle St, Reading

Apologies to my fellow MA’ers at Central – your plays, writing groups, beer, wine – I should have been there.