Interview with Andy McQuade, Second Skin Theatre Company

Second Skin Theatre was founded in 2007 by English actor-director-playwright Andy McQuade and American playwright William Whitehurst. Second Skin Theatre focuses on bold reinterpretations of classics and challenging new work. McQuade and Whitehurst share between them over a decade of experience in writing, acting, directing and producing low budget but high energy theatre.

Second Skin Theatre are currently performing Poe: Macabre Resurrections in Stoke Newington: Andy McQuade said “Women rarely tend to feature in Poe's work, other than as fleeting ethereal beings of desire. In the Black Cat (you have pictured Mia Zara who plays The Widow in this piece) the writer - Mike Carter - brings us a Medea myth that merges a strong woman driven slowly mad by a weak husband -and a large black tomcat -with Poe's beautiful language.”

Second Skin Theatre company have a history of programming theatre about strong women. “Most, if not all of my work, revolves around strong women and women with incredible stories to tell: in 'Salome' I explored the forgotten side to this fabled and much aligned girl -her own feelings and confused love; in 'Knuckleball' I explored transgender issues and more recently, 'La Chunga' which tells the story of one of the strongest, yet wounded, women ever set on stage. the story itself is achingly beautiful and portrayed by the wonderful Victoria Grove. I am not being too immodest when I say it is my proudest work in my career. This play transfers to the West End in Jan 2012.”

Repertoire. “90% of my programming has been focused on strong females. And that to date the best shows I've staged have been these shows. Maybe it comes from having a dazzling and strong mother myself? Probably!"

"My next exciting project which is under development will be about one of the most feared and maligned women in history. What makes it even more interesting is that the writer, Don Friend, and myself will be building the entire show around the actress Mia Zara. Her qualities, talent and rare beauty make her the ideal choice. Mia and I both developed the character of The Widow in Mike Carter's 'Black Cat' and to date it remains the most thrilling and rewarding collaboration I have ever had with a performer.”

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Andy McQuade has been named 'Best Theatre Director 2012' in the Fringe Report awards!

La Chunga transfers to the West End's Phoenix Arts Bar Jan 23rd-Feb 19th 2012

"This drama is urgent and addictive" THE STAGE

"A highly charged erotic feast for the senses" FRINGE REVIEW

“La Chunga is like nothing in theatre at the moment… some of the best sexual tension and energy I have seen on the fringe” LONDON FRINGE REVIEW

About Second Skin Theatre Company

2011 saw the introduction of Creative Producer, Samuel Julyan. Samuel co-founded the Church Street Theatre with Andy McQuade.
Second Skin Theatre work with a whole host of performers from different backgrounds and trainings. Diversity, both in terms of theatrical and artistic thought and personal values, beliefs and cultures are central to their casting.

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