Progress Theatre - Sixth Annual WriteFest

Progress Theatre in Reading, Berkshire present diverse new plays by local writers (plus one from overseas)!

This year’s selection includes comedy, drama, chickens, pathos, violent hatred of a supermarket checkout machine, sexual fantasy, a murder mystery, a love triangle and science fiction with the odd bit of singing.

From 5 minutes to 20, from comedy to drama, the Writefest has something for everyone.

Bank Holiday Mondays and Other Ways to Kill a Marriage by Lorraine Forrest-Turner (Lorraine Barrett)
Jake and Pippa are in their stationary car somewhere near Junction 10 of the M25. Baby Josh is asleep in the back. They have barely moved in the last hour and it is now lashing it down with rain.

The Letter H Girl by Alex Broun
Based on the tragic true story of Lillian Millicent “Peg” Entwistle, who jumped to her death off the Hollywood Sign in 1932. In Peg’s final moments she has a very unexpected visitor – the ghost of English romantic poet Thomas Chatterton.

The Final Frontier by Christine Moran
Find out what happened next to Richard and Sarah from Where No Woman Has Gone Before! A science fiction rom com possibly featuring Singing Klingons.

She’s Not There by Liz Carroll
“It’s a simple question Mr Edwards – When did you last see Ellen Duprais?”
A thriller with a twist.

Love at First Sight by Christopher A. Hoult
Across a crowded café two people fall in love from afar.

A Quiet Night In by Arthur Burke
Rachel invites Nick home to fulfill her fantasies. But has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Chicken Shit by Tessa Verdugo
Florence, a rather studious bird, and her best friend Beryl are waiting for the breakfast bucket to arrive.

Self-Service by Matt Stevens & Nikki Gore
A woman with a shopping trolley approaches a self-service supermarket for a showdown.

Produced by Chris Moran and Matt Drury

Full price: £7

Buy tickets: or 0118 960 6060

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