Reading Fringe Festival - Female Arts select

image: Flip and Maggie 'Women of an Uncertain Age'.

Having perused the excellent programme of fringe theatre, comedy, dance, film and music at this year's Reading Fringe Festival, programmed by Zsuzsi Lindsay, the following productions have been selected by Female Arts as being the ones we want to see, and we think you might like too.

Film Festival Weds 15th July at 7pm RYND £8 tickets
produced by Workbench productions - awards and screenings of 10 selected short films and the 48 hour Film Challenge Entries

Love and Information Weds 15th July at 8pm and Sat 18th July at 7pm Purple Turtle £8 tickets
by Caryl Churchill produced by Blackbox theatre
Based on Caryl Churchill’s play of the same name, our production of Love and Information offers audiences an immersive insight into the trials and tribulations of the information age. This fast-paced, thought-provoking drama will raise questions about identity, privacy and the freedom of information.

Speakeasy Weds 15th July at 7pm Artigiano £8 tickets
SPEAK EASY is back with Reading’s Finest Spoken Word, Poetry and Rap acts. Including a Special performance from the brilliant, A. F. Harrold, and a showcase of the Best of 2015 performers. Come along to Artigiano for an introduction into our monthly event, with talent that will leave you reeling for more…

Three Penny Opera Thurs 16th July at 6pm Watlington House £8 tickets
performed by John Madjeski academy sixth form performing arts group 'Out Class'.
A story of robbers, beggars, whores and corruption set in Victorian London.

Women of an Uncertain Age Thurs 16th July 7pm Shehnai £8 tickets
comedy by Flip and Maggie
“Women of a ‘certain age’: too old for careers, sex, a social life? Who says? Through sketches, song and dance, we share coffee ice cream, hip hop moves and what it means to be forty plus … well alright, 40XL, today.

A City of Foxes Friday 17th July 7pm Purple Turtle £6 tickets
A Spoken Word Poem about Identity, bigotry and unlikely friendship by Becci Fearnley
Durga is British. Her Mother is British, pining for an India she never really knew. And the old lady next door is determined that they aren’t wanted here. So an old woman and a teenager, from two different times, must learn to co-exist. And it isn’t going to be pretty.

Olympia Revival Friday 17th July 7pm Shehnai £10 tickets - An evening of the best music from Reading and beyond.

BabyHowl are an exciting Indie / Alternative / Funk Rock band from Bracknell, Berkshire. Known for their eclectic range of original songs, BabyHowl combine varied influences to bring upbeat tunes, high energy sets appealing to a wide range of listeners.

I am the id
This dynamic live duo take us on a journey of distilled emotion and personal resolve. About to step back into the studio in March to finish their album, supported by a tour of the South and string of summer festival dates, this is one band to glue your retinas to.

Niquelle LaTouche Arts
An up-tempo session for all ages and abilities! After a preview, engage in a commercial hip hop/ street dance workshop then apply your foundations in a section of choreography. Then learn some Afro-Caribbean moves in a routine while working up a sweat to music from Africa, Trinidad and Jamaica!

“Oubliettes are a four piece originals band delivering feel good, foot- stomping songs based on Jazz, Blues and folk.

Rachel Redman
Rachel is a professional musician from Berkshire and has been described as “vocally strong, musically trained with a good collection of songs”. She performs a wide mix of material, including cover songs and her own music. Starting out singing in a duo, Rachel has developed her skills as a vocalist, rhythm and lead guitarist.

RASPO Steel Band
RASPO Steel Band is an award-winning steel percussion orchestra based in Reading who entertain audiences across the UK with a delightful repertoire of uplifting music. Performances include The Royal Albert Hall with the BBC Family Orchestra, London 2012 during the Olympics, and annual appearances at Notting Hill Carnival.

Simon Williams
Often compared to David Gray, Berkshire singer-songwriter Simon Williams is heavily rooted in simplistic but catchy acoustic ballads.

Reflections Friday 17th July 7.30pm Penta Hotel and Sun 19th July 2pm Watlington House £8 tickets
Sandra is in a rut now her children have left home and is looking for something, but she doesn’t know what. She embarks on a “Creativity Through Mindfulness” course, where she meets Lisa, a free spirit who appears, at first, to have all the answers.
A new play by Christine Moran, writer of Getting Over Steven, winner of the Reading Post Pick of the Fringe Award 2014.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show film 1975 - Friday 17th July 9.30pm Purple Turtle £FREE
Come along, get dressed up and have some fun!
Part campy musical, part horror film, the movie details the travails of a squeaky clean couple stranded at a creepy castle where the inhabitants sing and dance through a bacchanalian romp of murder, bisexuality and cannibalism. The madcap, musical mayhem begins when rain-soaked Brad and Janet take refuge in the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite mad scientist from outer space who is about to unveil his greatest creation! Join Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon and rock star Meat Loaf in the most popular cult classic of all time.

Pole-ite Sat 18th July 4pm Penta Hotel £8 tickets
Go beyond your expectations of what pole dance is! View a small performance and then take part in a pole dance workshop to begin your pole dance journey! Don’t worry, you’ll get to keep your clothes on in this class!

The Me Show Multi Story Theatre Company Sat 18th July 6pm and Sun 19th July 12.30pm Watlington House £8 tickets
A solo-performer threatens to reveal all. A couple multi-role their way through a parable of collective action. Projected images of diverse people are accompanied by a disembodied litany of “I am”s. Compelling on their own, these different elements combine to provoke fundamental questions about the world we’re making for ourselves.

Moulettes folk rock band Sat 18th July 9pm South Street Arts Centre £10 tickets
Few bands have the scope of Moulettes. Containing a mix of self taught and classically trained members they offer charismatic, idiosyncratic yet poppy brand of progressive, psychedelic neo-classical folk rock.
Their debut album on Balling The Jack/Sotones, found its way on to several Best Of The Year lists of 2010. They also won an Innovation Award and best group from the prestigious Fatea roots-music website and got nominated for best band by the alternative Brit awards.

Kalevala Sat 18th July 9.30pm St Barts Theatre £8 tickets
Poetry and World music from Finland
Thousands of years ago Finns sang their songs in the shade of the Ural Mountains. The rhythms and melodies of the songs have changed and developed a very diverse character along the way but the stories are still the same, as pure and honest as they once were.
Kallaton is a unique fusion of Finnish and other ageless Finno-Ugric folk music all the way from the Siberian steppe to the Finnish forests. The waters of Finnish lakes are as clear and crisp as the voice of the Finnish singer Laura Ryhänen, who tells her audiences stories from a bygone world. She will be accompanied by Mikko Kuisma (violin, harmonium).

Tango Select Sun 19th July 4.30pm at Rising Sun Arts Centre £8 tickets
Enjoy classic tangos, vals and milongas, perfect for dancing to but also great for anyone who would just love to sit and listen to the music. A splendid afternoon of music and dance in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Full Circle Sun 19th July 6pm, Milk bar
Stand up comedy by Maxine Jones
Maxine Jones is planning to move back to the UK after 25 years away. She questions what anybody ever learns over a lifetime.

Shout outs to these one man shows - theatre, dance, music and a free workshop:

Labels: Weds 15th July at 9pm and Thurs 16th July at 8pm Watlington House £8 tickets
Work in Progress showcase - produced by Worklight Theatre
Labels is a one man show which uses writer/performer Joe Sellman-Leava’s experiences of mixed heritage to explore the often blurred line between curiosity and fear, and its role in xenophobia, racism and anti-immigration rhetoric.

Somewhere, Nowhere dance by Ezio Tangini / In Between Butoh Friday 17th July 5pm Purple Turtle, Saturday 18th July 12pm and 2pm and 5pm Purple Turtle, £8 tickets
Fluid matter, shape-less, magmatic, in flux, terra incognita extended time, fluctuating in between.
The performance is not to be understood but to be felt
Butoh dance performance about the time, the past and the present time.
The transformation of the materia.
The transformation of the time on the human being.
fluid matter, shapeless, magmatic, in flux. terra incognita, extended time, fluctuating, time lapse, in between.

Flamenco Thief Friday 17th July 1pm Penta Hotel, 9pm St Barts Theatre £8 tickets
Solo world music guitarist/looper blending upbeat rumba and gypsy-swing
Craig Sutton, a.k.a The Flamenco Thief, delivers a unique blend of gypsy-jazz, rumba and ska fused together with intricate Flamenco guitar techniques.
The English solo-guitarist uses the body of his guitar as a percussive instrument, and with a loop station layers metronomic hip-hop beats to get audiences dancing.

Pathways into Theatre Saturday 18th July 8pm Penta Hotel, £FREE
Come along and meet Thom of Quite Nice Theatre, have an informal discussion about how he made the move from part time to full time London based director. Chat through some of your ideas about shows or even pick his brain about how to tour fringe festivals.

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