Feral Foxy Ladies and Camden People’s Theatre present I GOT DRESSED IN FRONT OF MY NEPHEW TODAY

A barefaced exploration of the bizarre and comic act of getting dressed,
inspired by the questions of a 2.5 year old boy…

“You absolutely blew me away last night ... a genuinely funny, touching, engaging and astute piece of theatre" - audience from Camden People’s Theatre

First scratched at Camden People’s Theatre’s Calm Down, Dear Festival 2014,
I GOT DRESSED is a riotous, atypically sexy and messy hour of entertainment.

Baring bodies and awkward truths, we unpack the dressing rituals of two females – framed by Boots, Beyoncé and some Very Upsetting Arithmetic.

Featuring awkward letters, sarcastic projection, questionable dance, diabolical makeovers, and candid recordings of the performers and two young nephews.

“Sensual/chaotic … funny, warm, and heartfelt”

I GOT DRESSED shines light on the disparity, instilled from infancy, between the body image of girls & boys; the staggering financial/temporal impact of beauty rituals; the emotional costs of our daily self-mortifications; and the domino effect these have on future generations.

Sampling everything from pop culture to phenomenology, we bring Marx, Butler & Beyoncé to the stage with us and involve them in our embarrassment.

Who would you take to see the show?
“My boyfriend.” “My parents.”
“My mentee group of 16/17 year olds.”
“All my friends – girls and boys.”

Feral Foxy Ladies are an emerging feminist performance duo, formed of Claire Stone (director) and Katherine Vince (performer). Claire brings food (for thought) to the table, and Katherine gives it stomach and legs. They are embarrassingly honest with each other & their audience; they share their awkward truths on-stage and ask ‘Do you feel the same?’ Their work is sexy, with an edge of disgust; chaos, with an OCD streak; hilarious, with a twinge of ‘Oh shit, I do that too.’

http://feralfoxyladies.wix.com/performance www.facebook.com/FeralFoxyLadies

by Feral Foxy Ladies

Venue: ZOO Venue 124 (The Aviary) Tickets: £5 previews 7th 8th 9th
Dates 7th-30th Aug (not 17th, 24th) £9 or £7.50 Concessions
Time: 7th–22nd 16.45-17.45 Box Office: 0131 662 6892
23rd-30th 22.20-23.20 Website: www.zoofestival.co.uk

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