‘Flossy & Boo’s Curiosity Shop’ - Edfringe Preview

Circus runaways Flossy and Boo bring a touch of fun and magic to the stage as they present their cart of curiosities, whimsical stories and tall tales of adventure to their audience. The two female performers offer bags of talent in their highly imaginative, animated, comic duo. There is much to be admired in this quirky production particularly in terms of musicality and comic surprise which the actresses do so well.

Despite the obvious talent of its performers the show does appear to suffer with some structural difficulty. The downside to Flossy & Boo’s interactive style is a slightly disjointed feel. The show offers opportunities for many and varied stories to emerge, which although exciting, doesn’t (at this stage) give much opportunity for the stories to build, culminate or gain momentum.

Flossy and Boo frequently peaked my interest however, didn’t develop the story further, like in the fascinating character of ‘Julienne’ for example. The show appeared to end suddenly and I was left wondering if I had missed something.

Flossy and Boo are brave performers in their attempts to engage with the audience and this also leaves them more vulnerable to risk. On the night I viewed the play the little girl which, Flossy and Boo brought on stage, looked as though she was about to cry, which created a somewhat awkward feeling. The show appears to be fairly dependent upon a good audience and I guess it’s also a challenge for Flossy and Boo to work out how to manage a cooler crowd.

Overall, I was left feeling that the show didn’t quite know what it was trying to say and at times edged slightly towards panto. That being said, it was entertaining and credit must be given to Flossy and Boo for the technically demanding roles they have given themselves.

(c) Sarah Dosomah 2015
reviewed 22 July 2015 at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
As this was an Edfringe preview this review is unrated.

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