Interview with Lotta Quizeen

I could not pass up the chance for an interview with Lotta Quizeen - it is never a dull experience. She's performing her show 'Pull Your Socks Up Britain' at the Canal Cafe This week, with an extra incredible 'relaxed' performance on Friday afternoon for parents with babies. Here I have caught up with her on how her campaign's going. There's more information at the bottom if you're interested in attending the parent / baby performance.

1. Lotta you've been busy since we last spoke, where have you been?

Well, one does like to keep active. Battling stiff joints and age and of course the menopause- another of the world's best kept secrets! I've been advising performing friends who are travelling to Edinburgh - I'm not going this year as I need to stay close to home for Susan (my daughter-in-law). She needs my help. She's battling with her first batch of strawberry jam. My son, Hugo does have a bit of a sweet tooth! Bless his cotton socks!

2. How's the campaign going?

I'm delighted to say we're growing every day. Rather like the prize pumpkin Dickie has been working on. Shame he's had to cull the young ones.

3. Have you faced any trouble from the opposition?

There are some very odd sentiments around, especially with the Labour party struggling with their leadership! I myself, do try and give a good impression, help others and be as inclusive as possible. As you know, I welcome everyone to the campaign, regardless of their beliefs. And clothing taste. All may join. We need revolution with proper elocution!

4. What has been your favourite moment of the campaign so far?

Well we did meet some lovely people down in Brighton. We've developed quite an international following. And that's handy as I'm quite 'au fait' with the continent now, despite the queues on the M20. By the way, I've got to take Hugo to Ikea. Susan won't take him of course as it's not 'trendy' enough. Well, I think she might have a point but he does so like mini hot dogs. I'm looking to interest Mr Putin in a headscarf: that might calm his poor hot head!

5. Where can we next see you?

I can't wait to get going at the Canal Cafe Theatre in Little Venice. Nearest tube is Warwick Avenue - there may be a strike on my first day Wednesday 5th Aug so make sure you consult TFL for alternatives. It's a lovely venue and you can buy a glass of wine which is a great relief. Hugo's promised me a celebratory sherry!

6. I hear your doing a parent/guardian and baby matinee- what was your decision behind this?

It was actually an idea that came from a lovely supporter of the campaign who has just had a baby and while wasn't ready to leave her, was desperate to get out and see some theatre - I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea to get the younger generation interested in politics! Never too young to have an opinion, as I have always told Hugo!

7. Where can we follow you on social media?

Everywhere. I tweet @DomesticBits, I occasionally instagram with lottaquizeen and of course there's my gold old fashioned website Facebook is the duplicitous me - I've a page and a profile but that's what happens when one's fanbase is global! Toodle-oo and see you soon!

Key information
Show title: Pull Your Socks Up, Britain! with Lotta Quizeen
Company: The Thelmas
Venue: Canal Café Theatre, Delamere Terrace, Little Venice, London, W2 6ND
Dates: 5th, 6th & 7th August 2015, 7.30pm & a *special, relaxed PARENT/GUARDIAN AND BABY show at 3pm, Friday 7th August.
Running time: approx. 45mins
Ticket Price: £10/£8.00 (concs)
Box Office: 020 7289 6054 or book online at

Creative Team
Performed by Katie Richardson
Written by Serena Haywood
Directed By Madelaine Moore
Produced by The Thelmas

Matinee performance at 3pm on Friday 7th August is a special, relaxed parent/guardian and baby performance for parents and their children under one year old. This allows parents and their babies to relax and enjoy the show without having to leave their child behind. The content of the show remains the same, but house lights will remain on to make it easier to feed your baby. No-one will mind if your baby cries, you walk around, feed your baby or change nappies during the show.

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