MAGDALEN - Edfringe review

Unwed mothers, unsuspected rape victims, prostitutes, mentally disturbed women and little orphaned girls are promised absolution from sin and eternal membership of Paradise if they entrusted themselves to the ‘care’ of nuns in Ireland’s notorious Magdalene Laundries. Little is known of these innocent victims whose only sin was succumbing, in most cases only once, to the wonders of the act of procreation, exactly as The Lord ordained but not so lovingly perceived by our fellow men and women of certain religious orders.

In this gripping narrative, Erin Layton single-handedly delivers the secrets of those “fallen wombs”, worked to the bone, pitilessly enslaved, unfed, beaten and abused and all for the sake of the promise of Heaven. Erin effortlessly transitions in and out of time periods, characters and genders in her singular, multi-character performance. Her delivery of the plight of the “crippled girl”, praying before the Virgin, is breath-taking.

Uncompromising Artistry Productions have valiantly given us a drama to remember. Every one of those silent victims deserves a voice. Without dramaturgical trickery or tech-magic, Erin Layton, does them justice.

Magdalen was the recipient of the Best Documentary Script at the United Solo Festival in 2013.

(c) Effie Samara 2015

Aug 9-15, 17-22, 24-30
Paradise in the Vault,
1 Merchant Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2QD
Box office 0131 510 0022
Some language. Adult themes. Age category: 14+

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