Elf Lyons: BEING BARBARELLA @ Edinburgh Fringe until 30th August

Inspired by the film Barbarella and its cult heroine, Elf Lyons invites you to join her on a sexual odyssey through sci-fi superheroes to sassy sharks in this joyful celebration of erotica and all things niche.

Elf Lyons wants to be sexy and has found her idol in 60s siren Barbarella. Combining sexual empowerment with superhero nerdiness, Elf takes her audience on a journey through 60s sexual liberation to present day digitisation of intimacy. Along the way, experience exotic fan fiction about the leaders of the British main political parties, an awkward attempt at the famous striptease from Barbarella and the immoral act of body-shaming sharks. Storytelling, performance art and comedy is combined in a show that takes a funny and uplifting attitude to celebrating sex and empowered women everywhere.

Elf Lyons and PBH's Free Fringe present


Running until 30th August

7.50pm, The Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register St, EH2 2AA

Free entry: voluntary donation after the show



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