Goddess Foundation Launch - Awarding women who have survived.

The Goddess Foundation will be launched on Sunday 28th February 2016 at the Jekyll and Hyde Gin Parlour in Birmingham. This will see an opening ceremony celebrating women who have overcome adversity or worked within the community to empower others during 2015. Among the nominations for the first Goddess Award are a transgender campaigner, a young artist, a carer, and a spoken word poet.

One woman will be presented with the first Goddess Award in recognition of her achievements. The afternoon of lunch and cocktails will include performances from musicians, artists and poets – and possibly even the Goddess of Fabulousness herself, Swingerella.

Having reinvented her own life after surviving an abusive relationship and being evicted from her home with her children, Goddess founder Andrea Smith wants to raise awareness about domestic violence and help women leave situations where they feel trapped or in danger.

Smith had a hugely successful run at Edfringe last year, performing as her alter ego Swingerella. She used this character to tell her abuse survival story, Swingerella’s Dark Fairytale, through burlesque, poetry and comedy. Smith now wants to use the platform she has created to provide support for other women in abusive relationships. She returns to Edfringe this summer with part two of her story.

Smith’s work and belief in art for social change has become so prolific that she has been invited to perform at the WEF (Women’s Economic Forum) in New Delhi in May where she will also deliver a workshop on finding your voice.

Twitter @swingerella_ www.corruptedarts.co.uk

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