The Moon Princess - Review

Whispering Wood’s enchanting production of The Moon Princess is based on one of Japan’s oldest folk tales, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter (also referred to as Princess Kaguya). The performance takes place in a forest and combines aerial acrobatics, live music and storytelling.

The narrator (Megan Brooke) skilfully weaves the tale of The Moon Princess, Kaguya, as she guides the audience through the woods, narrating how she stumbles upon Kaguya (Nina Harper). The narrator takes her home and nurtures her. Kaguya is happiest running wild in the forest. One day, the Emperor (Kino MacDonald) spots her and determines to make her his wife. Kaguya refuses. The Emperor amusingly persists until Kaguya sets him three challenges. If he wins, she will become his wife. If he loses, she will remain free to run wild in the woods.

This promenade through sun-dappled spring woodland is delightful. Brooke enthrals the audience with her humorous and engaging delivery from the start. Harper and MacDonald bring the story to life with breath-taking arboreal acrobatics.

It is great to see a female character in a children’s production who challenges the formulaic princess narrative. Children and adults alike are captivated by this performance.

(c) Samantha Coughlan May 2016

The Moon Princess
Leigh Woods

7th-8th May 2016

Saturday 7th May 2016

Also on tour

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