The Real Girl by Cherise Stefanie

One woman comedy-cabaret-performance The Real Girl by Cherise Stefanie premieres at the Tristan Bates Theatre as part of Camden Fringe Festival in August 2016.

The Real Girl in the hospital waiting room has one very vivid memory; of being seven years old and hiding in her bedroom cupboard because she didn't want to wear a dress and look like a girl in case all the little boys, who were her friends, made fun of her. That is one of the very few things she can remember...because she has inexplicably forgotten almost everything else. Now she's going to have to dig deep into her memories to try and answer two questions; how did she end up here, and why is she wearing a mask?

Innovative, emerging performing artist and writer Cherise Stefanie presents The Real Girl as part of the most exciting alternative to the Edinburgh Fringe – Camden Fringe Festival, three years after the playwright’s last play had a successful three week run at The Park Theatre, London. “...intelligent and thought provoking.” Everything Theatre “gripping and intense writing.” Female Arts

“How can I ever be happy with myself when I am always changing?”

Inspired by Cherise’s own traumatic breakup after a sixteen-year relationship and the fallout that occurred, The Real Girl is an entertaining, slightly bonkers, feel-good show which is an examination of the things that some people consider important to their own identity.

The Real Girl is about the struggle people face trying to find their identities in an image based society. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd and be heard, and how do you get people to really listen?

If you like visual storytelling shot through with wicked humour that makes you consider your own beliefs, and you are also fond of loud colours, lots of noise and a touch of glitter, this is the show for you.

The first solo performance piece by Award Nominated Playwright Cherise Stefanie as part of CAMDEN FRINGE FESTIVAL 2016. Cherise has been lucky enough to receive support for The Real Girl from Arts Council England and some ridiculously kind people on Crowdfunder.

Cherise Stefanie 'The Real Girl'
Tuesday 16th August – Saturday 20th August 2016
Tristan Bates Theatre
6pm £10/£8 concession.

Cast and Creative team:
Writer and Performer: Cherise Stefanie
Director: Colin Wallace
Producer: Hannah Jasper

Twitter: @underlightbulbs
Instagram: @underlightbulbsundermoonlight
Pinterest: cherisestefanie
Vimeo: cherisestefanie

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