Interview: Suzette Coon

This month Superman and Me, by Suzette Coon (of Little Pieces of Gold) shows as part of #Festival46 at The King's Head Theatre. It explores contemporary, heterosexual relationships and how traditional gender role expectations mean that perhaps the happy ever afters we once hoped for are just out of reach. This week Female Arts' Amie Taylor managed to run a quick Q and A with Suzette to find out a little more about this piece, on at King's Head Theatre, London 26th and 28th July.

AT: Tell us a little about you and how you came to be a writer...

SC: Having worked in film and theatre PR years ago, coming into contact with and working alongside lots of writers, I was very drawn to their world. I discovered that writing could be a satisfying way to express and try to work out the uncomfortable stuff. So I started to write and got my agent on the back of my first film script. Following that I moved towards theatre writing.

AT: Superman and Me performs at the Kings Head Theatre on 26th and 28th July, what inspired you to write this piece?

SC: It’s depressing that in the 21st Century, Hollywood still churns out all those ‘guy gets girl’ romantic comedies and stereotypical portrayals of masculinity via the comic strip, superhero and shoot ‘em up genres. Though a younger generation of movie goers are critical and savvy they are still taking away the message that ‘you need to be like this to be ok’. Obviously feminism has made great strides and every generation of feminists continue to do the work but it seems that we still have a way to go. External structures continue to perpetuate inequality but I think that both men and women might have to work even harder at recognising the degree to which we still internalise the conventions and ‘norms’ of traditional gender roles

AT: Who is it for?

SC: It’s for everyone. Particularly if you’re about to get hitched.

AT: What do you hope audiences will take away from watching?

SC: That feminism is also about recognising that traditional conventions of masculinity can be just as harmful to men.

AT: Describe the show in 6 words

SC: A dissection of romance and coupledom!

AT: You can book tickets here: and be sure to follow @SuzetteCoon on Twitter for updates on all work by Little Pieces of Gold.

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