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I feel the need to apologise for such a quiet summer on Female Arts. I've been very busy finishing my Master's degree (there is still some work to go) but once my studies are completed there are lots of things I would like to do for the Female Arts website including frequency of information and updates.

I was captivated by the Olympics and so pleased to see how well female athletes did, in fact the two events I got tickets for were women's events - the football semi final (France vs Japan) and the pentathlon (GB got silver!).

Women won 11 of the 29 Olympic gold medals by team GB and there were five Olympic female multiple medallists. I hope that the Olympics changed the public perception of women in sports, including those such as football that are so heavily dominated by male teams.

Regarding the Paralympics of which I unfortunately saw very little, I think it's a shame the Paralympics is still held as a separate competition. My friend suggested that there should be just ONE opening and ONE closing ceremony with the Olympic and Paralympic games being held together. Having different TV channels cover the events (BBC for Olympics, Channel 4 for Paralympics) made me feel that the Paralympics is viewed as a poorer cousin. They should be treated as events of equal standing, just as female athletes should be viewed as equal to male athletes.

By the way, women won the majority of Paralympic gold medals - 19 of the 34 gold medals by team GB (a couple of these 19 are from mixed sex team events) and there were fifteen Paralympic female multiple medallists.

Britain finished third in the medals table for both the Olympics and Paralympics.

A golden summer!

(Photo - Stephanie Millward Paralympic swimmer)

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