Stop ogling tits on page 3

Amelia Gentleman's article in The New York Times sums up many womens frustration at The Sun's page 3.

My thoughts are - either bring back the page 7 fella (equality!) or stop publishing it in a newspaper.

Lucy Anne Holmes is the No More Page 3 campaigner - read her point of view here:

Lucy's campaign started in September 2012 and seems to have slowed down after collecting over 60,000 signatures in an online petition, which you can sign here:
A thought on the petition photograph - why have they chosen a slim attractive girl to wear the No More Page 3 T-shirt on top of nothing? Showing bare legs (they look bare). Most women wear an item of clothing on their lower half, so it seems counterproductive to promote an anti-nudity petition showing a model with bare thighs.

The No More Page 3 Wordpress site which has not been updated since November 2012 can be found here:

I think if you're serious about this campaign, don't give up after a few months...dedicate your life to it. Why have you stopped updating your website? Why are the signatures slowing down?...has The Sun won? ( - the mind boggles how much money they are making from tits).

...anyway I signed the petition.

(Page 7 fella photo from 1985)

(c) Wendy Thomson 2013