International Women's Day Friday 8th March 2013

Here at Female Arts we're very excited about International Women's Day on Friday 8th March and all the events happening on that day and over the week / weekend. Sadly I'm at a funeral on Friday 8th for a very dear person, so will see what I can attend at the weekend.

Please support International Women's Day by attending some of these events:

Alternative Queen of Reading Friday 8th March buy tickets from also see
Birds Eye View Film Festival Women's Day Gala Friday 8th March
Women of the World Festival at Southbank centre, London 6-10th March
WOW festival includes Hours til Midnight by Sonya Hale Sat 9th March 11.310 am
New writing 'Til Death Do Us Part' by Naia Headland-Vanni 10th/11th March White Bear Theatre, London
Yeastie Girls art exhibition by Cultivate in London until Weds 6th March
Equal Writes performances 11th March 7.30pm Tristan Bates Theatre, London
Loads of UK wide events for International Women's Day listed on the Women's Day Grid calendar
The Fury Project Canada Water Friday 8th March 7.30pm
Stephen Lawrence Women's Awards Friday 8th March 7pm Facebook Page

More Links

International Women's Day on Facebook
Birds Eye View Film Festival on Facebook
Women of the World at Southbank facebook page

Anything missing? email me and will add.