Birds Eye View Film Festival 2011

FACT - Only 7% of film directors and 12% of screenwriters are women.

The Birds Eye View Film Festival showcases the best features, documentaries and short films made by women around the world, alongside a Retrospective celebrating the pioneering women of cinema and an Innovation programme exploring the creative possibilities opened up by new technology.
Cutting edge female musicians create new live soundtracks for silent films with Sound & Silents programmes.

Highlights from the festival tour the UK throughout the year, playing at regional cinemas such as the Manchester Cornerhouse and Glasgow Film Theatre, as well as music and arts festivals including Big Chill and Latitude. The festival also takes special events to the Edinburgh and Cannes international film festivals.

2011 highlights included Susanne Bier's unforgettable Academy Award and Golden Globe winner In A Better World. The Bloody Women retrospective examined women's contribution to horror, from gothic origins to modern vampires. Live scores for silent movies were performed by Imogen Heap, Micachu and more.

Bechdel Test
Ever heard of the Bechdel Test? Think of a film you've seen recently. Did it have more than two women in it? Did they have names? Did they talk to each other? If so, did they talk about anything other than men? Most of the films that we see on the big screen fail this simple test.

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