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The most popular Fringe is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe which started in 1946 and is now the largest festival in the world. Fringe festivals offer an alternative to established festivals – they vary in content but most include both professional and local theatre, comedy, dance and music.

Many cities and towns recognised the positive impact on tourism and revenue and started their own. A lot of fringe festivals in the UK only began between two and seven years ago, and not all of them co-exist with an established festival, some were born in their own right. Many fringe festivals see themselves as an affordable alternative to Edinburgh for both performers and punters, or as an Edinburgh preview.

Fringe festivals are a boost to the local economy, encouraging participation in the performing arts and many are run or heavily supported by volunteers. Fringe festivals occur from the spring to the autumn, although most are in the summer - below is a calendar showing a selection of fringe festivals running in the UK.



Mayfield Fringe – Sussex (2011 exact dates unknown)

Southend Fringe Festival - Essex (14th to 21st April 2011)
Maidstone Fringe – Kent (28th April to 2nd May 2011)
Bury Fringe Festival - Lancashire (30th April to 14th May 2011)

Maidstone Fringe – Kent (see previous month for dates)
Bury Fringe Festival (see previous month for dates)
Mayfield Fringe – Sussex (dates unknown)
Fowey Fringe – Cornwall (last occurred in 2009)
Brighton Festival Fringe – East Sussex (7-30th May 2011)
Cookham Festival Fringe - Berkshire (12th to the 22nd May 2011)
Norwich Fringe Festival - Norfolk (13th to 28th May 2011)
Pulse Fringe – Ipswich, Suffolk (26th May to 11th June 2011)
Bath Fringe - Somerset (27th May to 12th June 2011)
Haslemere Community Fringe Festival – West Sussex (27th to 29th May 2011)
Fringe Arts Bath – Somerset (27th May to 12th June 2011)
Sunderland Fringe Festival – Tyne and Wear (27th May to 17th June 2011)
Stratford Upon Avon Fringe – Warwickshire (28th May to 5th June 2011)

Stratford Upon Avon Fringe – Warwickshire (see previous month for dates)
Pulse Fringe – Ipswich, Suffolk (see previous month for dates)
Bath Fringe - Somerset (see previous month for dates)
Oxfringe - Oxfordshire (10th to 26th June 2011)
Grassington Festival Fringe – North Yorkshire (17th June to 2nd July 2011)
Exeter Fringe Festival – Devon (June 22nd to July 2nd 2011)
Barnstable Fringe Theatre Festival (June 23rd to 26th 2011)
Not Part Of – Manchester (30th June to 16th July 2011)

Exeter Fringe Festival – Devon (see previous month for dates)
Not Part Of – Manchester (see previous month for dates)
London Festival Fringe – London (1st to 30th July 2011)
Buxton Festival Fringe – Derbyshire (6th to 24th July 2011)
Lichfield Fringe – Staffordshire (6th to 17th July 2011)
Llangollen Fringe Festival – North Wales (15th to 23rd July 2011)
Bedford Fringe - Bedfordshire (15th to 30th July 2011)
Cambridge Fringe Festival ((2011 exact dates unknown)
Henley Fringe – Oxfordshire (18th to 23rd July 2011)
Preston Tringe – Lancashire (21st to 31st July 2011)
24:7 Festival – Manchester (21st to 29th July 2011)
Shropshire Fringe Festival - Shropshire (27th to 31st July 2011)

Camden Fringe – London (1st to 28th August 2011)
Hay Comedy Fringe - Powys, Wales (2nd August to 22nd August 2011)
Stockton Weekender – County Durham (5th to 7th August 2011)
Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Scotland (5th to 29th August 2011)
Leicester Fringe Festival – Leicestershire (5th to 11th August 2011)
Summer Sundae Fringe – Loughborough, Leicestershire (6th to 12th August 2011)
Brecon Fringe - Wales (11th to 14th August 2011)
Ventnor Fringe – Isle of Wight (17th to 20th August 2011)
Leeds Festival Fringe – Yorkshire (18th to 24th August 2011)
Mathew Street Festival Fringe - Liverpool (28th to 30th August 2011)
London Alternative Fringe Festival – London (2011 exact dates unknown)

Stroud Fringe – Gloucestershire (2nd to 4th September 2011)
Windsor Fringe - Berkshire (23rd September to 10th October)

Windsor Fringe - Berkshire (see previous month for dates)
Dylan Thomas Fringe – Swansea (2011 exact dates unknown)
Belfast Fringe Festival – Northern Ireland (2011 exact dates unknown)



There are many other types of popular festivals happening in the UK including literary, fine arts and music festivals.

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