Bombshells and Eight at the Henley Fringe

This week (18th to 23rd July 2011) is the Henley Fringe which is run by Jo Southwell. Female Arts would like to recommend the following shows:

Written by Joanna Murray Smith, Bombshells is “beautifully judged in its mix of comedy and depression” (The Guardian). A witty insight into the lives of women, the show is running at The Chambers on Mon 18th and then Thurs 21st –Sat 23rd July from 7.30pm with a Saturday Matinee at 4pm. Jo Southwell produces and Julie Fox directs this set of 6 monologues, all “little gems, as observant as anything Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads – and considerably less static”.

Eight written by Ella Hickson runs in the afternoons at La Bodega restaurant and evenings at La Parisienne. This collection of captivating characters will enthral the lovers of monologues as they paint a truly revelatory picture of Britain today. This off-beat snapshot of modern living includes the tale of an Iraq war veteran, a high-class hooker and gay gallery owner to name just three. Jo Southwell returns to the stage on this occasion as Millie, a jolly-hockysticks girl with a side-line in sex.

Jo Southwell runs Aston Productions who returns to Henley for the fourth year. Previous productions include BASH, The Vagina Monologues and Talking Heads. See the interview with Jo Southwell here

Director Julie Fox originally trained at RHUL as a mature student. She has directed over 30 productions for both regional and fringe venues including Low Level Panic for Raised Eyebrow Productions; Black Comedy, The Virtuous Burglar and Blame It On The Boots all for ASC. She is also a current member of The Guild of Directors.

BOMBSHELLS is a fantastic piece of theatre created by women - for women. If anyone wants a great night out - this is one to see.

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