So and So / Actors Centre 'Women In Arts' festival

On Wednesday 18th December I was a panelist at the So & So / Tristan Bates Theatre / Actors Centre 'Women In Arts' festival - on the 'Writing for Women' panel alongside the founder of the So and So Arts club Sarah Berger @SarahJaneBerger, playwright Sarah Rutherford @Sar_hRutherford, editor and media trainer Susan Grossman @wordsallowed, writer/director Trent Burton @TrunkmanUK, comedy writer/performer Karen Haley @roaring_girl and Actor, TV & Radio presenter Jean Rogers @TalkToVP

Topics of discussion included findings from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media - Children's fairytales and stories and what gender stereotypes are contained therein, percentage of female playwrights being produced, do writers write for an intended audience? How do we get our work commissioned? who bears the responsibility for gender equality? women working in comedy - and writing for comedy, female scientists and experts @thewomensroomuk @HerSay_Experts, women in journalism.

It was a really great discussion with loads of input from the people in the room, and great to meet people I have been talking to online including Mandy Fenton @MandyFenton, Jemma Churchill @Jemmamchurchill and Vanessa Bailey @vbaileyactor @threedaysfilm1.

The 3 day 'Women in Arts' festival is such a wonderful achievement by Sarah Berger and co, congratulations and thank you. The festival is something Female Arts supports wholeheartedly, if it returns in 2014 I hope Female Arts can be a bigger part of it - including reviewing productions! If you attended, do let us know what you thought!
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What was the Women in Arts festival? Detailed listing here: