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Shutterblast Pr...

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About myself:
Shutterblast Productions is a production company committed to producing bold and experimental theatre, film, and live art. @Shutterblasts
Shutterblast Productions

hilary pezet

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About myself:
I am an artistic director and an acting coach / teacher working in the North West of England. I am head of the Cumbrian Actors Studio.
acting coach and director

Cherise Stefanie

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About myself:
Cherise Stefanie is loud, adventurous, cuddly and as colourful as a box of crayons. She may also be the lovechild of Tim Curry but to date no one has been able to confirm this. She makes important work about people, sexuality, social injustices and the pursuit for happiness. @underlightbulbs
Makes work about people, sexuality and social injustices

Karine Friez

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circus performer. I study Drama, applied theatre &education

Smooth Faced Ge...

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Theatre troupe dedicated to creating wonderful production of Shakespeare with entirely female casts.
All-Female Shakespeare Troupe

Penny Pepper

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About myself:
A genre-defying and versatile writer, Penny Pepper’s work is a mixture of the quirky and the lewd, with a focus on examination of difference and identity. She wrote the taboo-breaking book Desires Reborn in 2012 and in 2013 she won a Creative Futures Literary Award. In September 2014 her one-woman spoken word show, Lost in Spaces, premiered to strong reviews at Soho Theatre and toured in Autumn 2015. As a performance poet, she has performed over the UK, including London, Edinburgh and further afield in New York. Besides recent guest slots on Newsnight, Sky News, BBC Radio5Live Hitlist, and columns for The Guardian, she is busy working on a memoir of her first years in London as a young, passionate punky poet, singer and disability activist.
Writer, Poet, Performer

Bethan Kitchen

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About myself:
Bethan is an artist, predominantly as a writer for theatre and film, working in Newcastle, Cambridge and London. She is also the current Culture Editor of Varsity, Cambridge University's most prestigious newspaper. She can be contacted at or you can found out everything she's up to through her webpage at
Playwright, screenwriter, film-maker and journalist


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About myself:
My day job is spent working in academic research. In my spare time I act, direct and produce for local arts organisations: Progress Theatre, Zuloo Productions and Crash Test Drama.
Actor/Director/Producer for local arts groups

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Student, of Drama, Applied Theatre, and Education

Katty Janneh

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About myself:
I am a Milliner based in South London. I offer a bespoke & bridal service from my riverside studio. I also teach short courses & workshops in millinery in the studio and at a local FE college. A new online boutique website is under construction as well as a new wholesale range.
Millinery & Teaching