September 2016

September 2016 Listings

The following events in September 2016 are on the whole either written by, organised or directed by women or gender equal productions…

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Ruby, Bread & Roses Theatre - Review

Directed by Jessica Rose Boyd and Luke Clarke, Ruby is an 'iceberg' of a play. On its surface, it is about a young woman who is troubled by an unexpected visit from her ex-boyfriend. However, there's much more beneath the surface with undercurrents of class friction, sexual politics and the effectiveness of hospice care, all justling to the fore ...

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Elsie Diamond: The Sensible Dresser, Edinburgh Review

Cabaret is such an all-encompassing term, but in Elsie Diamond's one-woman show, it fits the bill perfectly. Dressers are often the unsung heroes of theatre and television, but in Diamond's case it really is her 'day job', and it is her in-depth knowledge of this arena that has inspired The Sensible Dresser.

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