December 2016

Flag, Rich Mix - Review

Performance artist Katy Dye explores the thorny issue of patriotism and the layers of meaning associated with the Union Jack – especially in post-referendum Britain.

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Response to Removal Men Open Letter

Every day our news feeds are dominated by images of suffering. Twenty first century journalism can creep into every dark corner of the world. Where has this left us? I think, in a state of ‘removal’, in a state of numbness. It is saturating our capacity to feel anything. Never has this world needed more the disgusting absurdity of 2016 represented on a stage. And that is why Removal Men is happening.

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Her Aching Heart, Hope Theatre - Review

A successful playwright for the past 40 years, Bryony Lavery needs little introduction. While her plays often having underlying feminist themes and rich in female roles, Lavery's Her Aching Heart (which was originally written in 1992) is a light-hearted affair, perfect for this time of year.

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