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Thoughts on Reading as a River City and parenting

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Yesterday I went to a talk about a new festival that has started in Reading that celebrates our waterways, history, cultural heritage and the arts.

This is Feminism

What is 'too feminist' for music fans?

Violence or the murder of anyone is never ok to laugh at

Violence or the murder of anyone is never ok to laugh at, regardless of how large an organisation you are.

Why going to the Women of the World festival isn't enough anymore.

It is a month before the festival starts and already every ticket – all the day passes and all the weekend passes have sold out. It seems Trump and the Women’s March has kickstarted a new feminist consciousness. Which is great. But feminism is more than going to London for one day as a protest, or attending a weekend of lectures.

A love letter to Beyoncé

I celebrate Adele for speaking out and praising 'Lemonade.' So many times, as a writer of colour, I have been plagued with the fear that no one will get my ideas, or be interested in my narrative. And when I say 'no one,' 'anyone,' or 'people' I know that I mean the white majority.

Feminist thoughts on humans, animals and the environment

Since becoming a feminist I'm more inclined to question. Where does the food come from that goes into my mouth? who made the clothes on my back and the technology in my hands? I don't have all the answers but I have an increased capacity to challenge and research.

The more I think about the nature of business and consumerism the more I realise that food, clothes and technology that are cheap and ever-changing are a result of human, animal and environmental exploitation. (click to read more)

Louise's Little Lowdown - Are You Listening? 2016

Are You Listening? is a recent addition to Reading's ever growing and vibrant music & arts scene. Forming part of the town's yearly schedule of "takeover" festivals, its excellent work raises money in partnership with local charity Reading Mencap. For £20, you get a wristband, access to multiple venues and more power-packed live music than you can cram into 12 hours.

With a good selection of female led/gender balanced performers, here's a fun size review of a few acts I caught that day (23 April 2016).

#Shakespeare400 - let's have less #Shakespeare

I think the best way to commemorate William Shakespeare the playwright, is for the nation to collectively agree to produce, perform, watch and teach LESS Shakespeare plays.