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The Fight Against Down Time: Blog Entry

Jade Allen

I adore my bed. My bed takes pride of place in the centre of my room.

Apologies blog

Apologies blog
I’m sorry but… I just want to apologise if I… Is that okay? It’s absolutely no problem if not… No, what I meant was…
What did I mean? 9 times out of 10 it was exactly what I said. The other 1 being when I have been genuinely and honestly misunderstood. I have been purposefully misunderstood too, that happens to too many of us, usually during altercations when our adversary is looking to win an argument at any cost and twists your point in order to do so.

I have been needlessly apologising for years. It has become a running joke with my best friend, who is now used to the call after our meetings when I am ringing to check I wasn’t annoying or unreasonable, or worst of all, boring. This has happened so often now that he laughs at me and then assures me that all is well and that what we had was a great conversation and a fun time. This sounds like the paranoia of a drinker, and yes, there have been many times in my adult life when I have woken hung-over and horrified, only to find out that my companions have been just as drunk as me and are just as apologetic. The fact is that usually, the night went swimmingly and we’re all a little shaky, hazy and uneasy the next morning with no good reason.

I’m not talking about the Sunday morning hangover, I am talking about a culture of apology prevalent in women, or so I have found. I’m talking about the meetings, the rehearsals, the classes where we start every sentence with ‘I’m sorry, but…’

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Feminine vs masculine

Does feminism mean we have to become more masculine?

I have a horrible secret, something I’ve kept bottled up for a long time and it’s something I couldn’t previously share… I liked Margaret Thatcher. I still like Margaret Thatcher. I am aware only of her major policies and I know that she disabled a huge portion of the country, but I like her anyway for other reasons. I like her because she took on men in a man’s game. I like her because she was a pioneer and the very first of her kind. I like her because she helped small business and my family had a small business. I guess it’s kinda personal. (MUCH MORE - CLICK 'READ MORE')

Feminist student and teacher

It was one year ago this month that I first became acquainted with Female Arts. I was on a train with my ex -boyfriend who was checking his twitter when he saw a link to Female Arts through the Camden Fringe Festival feed. Female Arts was enquiring about women in the industry who may be interested in becoming reviewers. Knowing that I was a feminist theatre practitioner, he forwarded the link to me; I got in touch with Wendy and the rest is history.

I never set out to be a reviewer, but I am passionately interested in theatre and especially women in theatre. I wrote the first draft of my first review immediately after seeing my first Female Arts play, then I sent it to a few friends for feedback, edited and changed a few things and finally sent it off. Now, a year later, I am far more confident. There was a time when I wouldn’t submit a review until my ex-boyfriend had read it (not terribly feminist!), now I write more swiftly and have stopped asking anyone (except my Female Arts editors) for any advice. I started reviewing because I thought it would give me the discipline to formulate articulate and thought out opinions of plays that I’ve seen, rather than simply saying ‘yeh it was good’. Female Arts has done more for me than I could ever do for Female Arts. Through this company I have met some wonderful feminist professionals – both male and female – and have been exposed to work I would never normally have been aware of.



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