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Dear readers

I feel the need to apologise for such a quiet summer on Female Arts. I've been very busy finishing my Master's degree (there is still some work to go) but once my studies are completed there are lots of things I would like to do for the Female Arts website including frequency of information and updates.

I was captivated by the Olympics and so pleased to see how well female athletes did, in fact the two events I got tickets for were women's events - the football semi final (France vs Japan) and the pentathlon (GB got silver!).

Women won 11 of the 29 Olympic gold medals by team GB and there were five Olympic female multiple medallists. I hope that the Olympics changed the public perception of women in sports, including those such as football that are so heavily dominated by male teams.

Regarding the Paralympics of which I unfortunately saw very little, I think it's a shame the Paralympics is still held as a separate competition. My friend suggested that there should be just ONE opening and ONE closing ceremony with the Olympic and Paralympic games being held together. Having different TV channels cover the events (BBC for Olympics, Channel 4 for Paralympics) made me feel that the Paralympics is viewed as a poorer cousin. They should be treated as events of equal standing, just as female athletes should be viewed as equal to male athletes.

By the way, women won the majority of Paralympic gold medals - 19 of the 34 gold medals by team GB (a couple of these 19 are from mixed sex team events) and there were fifteen Paralympic female multiple medallists.

Britain finished third in the medals table for both the Olympics and Paralympics.

A golden summer!

(Photo - Stephanie Millward Paralympic swimmer)

Fringe Report Closes its Doors

I worked as a sub-editor, writer and photographer for the arts review publication Fringe Report, and after a very successful ten years they concluded business on the 12th July 2012. Sad to see them go and best wishes to everyone who was involved.
The website remains online for readers to peruse.


Women of the day

At Female Arts our favourite women of the moment are Cyndi Lauper, Judge Judy, Vanessa Vallely (businesswoman and founder of We Are The City dot com) and Rosie Sleightholme (singer/songwriter)

Rosie (Sleightholme) Sings Some Songs

Cyndi Lauper

Judge Judith Sheindlin

Vanessa Vallely

An end to breastfeeding? - baby diary

Signs indicating it’s time to stop breastfeeding:

1) Baby’s got more teeth than you’ve got nipples

2) Baby tugs down your top

3) Baby tries to suck other parts of you, in the belief that mummy is made of milk

4) Friends and relatives say ‘You’re not still breastfeeding are you?’

5) Bitty

Read the rest of my column at Frost Magazine http://frostmagazine.com/2011/11/wendys-baby-diary-7-months/

50 Words For Snow

The new Kate Bush album 50 Words for Snow is out this week - accompanied by an animation short called Mistraldespair which made me cry a little.


Kate Bush says " I am delighted to announce the premiere of "Mistraldespair", the 2nd visual piece. This accompanies a segment from the track 'Misty'. It has been a very intense journey but I am really happy with the end result. It is a 2 and a half minute stop motion animation. It has been created by the extremely talented Tommy Thompson. He has worked so hard and devotedly. Fantastic job!
As I'm sure you are aware, stop frame animation is a truly painstaking process, one that I feel has a purity and incredible beauty because of its organic nature. I wanted to try and achieve something quite adult that involved a slow, sensual feel... I have never directed a stop motion animation before. It has been a fascinating and very rewarding experience."

Baby Diary at Frost Magazine

Happy Halloween

A new entry in my baby diary at Frost Magazine...

So what is controlled crying? Basically you leave your baby
to cry themselves to sleep. It’s not in a horrible, ignore the baby kind of
way, it’s in a loving, have I checked the baby and after feeding, winding,
changing, checking if teething, temperature, breathing is everything else ok
and telling him you love him and putting the lights out, you let him cry his
little heart out until he falls asleep. Yes it feels heartless and horrible and

Read on at...

Gia Milinovich

Just been reading Gia Milinovich's blog after reading her interview in The Stage. http://www.thestage.co.uk/connect/focus/milinovich.php
I was thinking she's done really well in the industry, a very inspirational woman (TV presenter, producer) and then after clicking on the link to her agents page, then her website, then her photos on Flickr of her baby and thinking about my son, then I moved onto her blog, then I saw she's married to Brian Cox (yes that Professor Brian Cox, physicist TV science presenter) and the first blog post I read of hers was this- it's very apt.
there is also this http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/aug/28/invisible-wife-syndro...
My husband's got a physics degree. It's almost parallel lives :p

Photo copyright (c) www.Giagia.co.uk

(WJ) The price of a baby – missed productions

I’m delighted to be a mum but this is one of those moany blog entries. I list the performances / events I’ve been unable to attend as it may feel better to get this off my chest. It may also help prevent me from booking so many things without having formalised childcare arrangements first.

Webber Douglas - family history

I was recently told that the Amherst in my husband's family (whose name we gave to our son as one of his middle names) was Amherst Webber who co-founded the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, which merged with the Central School of Speech and Drama in 2006. He is my great great uncle-in-law!

Favourite X-Factor singers tonight

My favourite acts tonight were Misha Bryan and Sami Brookes. Great singers.
I'm interested to see how the newly formed girl group Rhythmix get on in the competition.
My guilty pleasure is 2 Shoes because of the fun factor – I’m fascinated with Essex girls at the moment, although I noticed one of them ate her microphone - lipstick ish (issues).


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