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Updates and some to come (listen up)

Hello, there's a new baby diary update at Frost magazine - baby is six months old http://frostmagazine.com/2011/10/wendys-baby-diary-six-months-guilt-isol... on Female Arts we have news about the Windsor Fringe Festival http://www.femalearts.com/node/117, The Darling Collective http://www.femalearts.com/node/121and Nataylia Roni explains how to get ahead in children's TV presenting http://www.femalearts.com/node/120

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Hi, we're back with new posts at Female Arts - after a great holiday in Scotland with no internet, believe it or not it was hard to get back into using the laptop when I got home - then I was struck with a heavy cold and bad sinuses, so I've been (uncharacteristically) a bit quiet while I recuperate.

Female Arts on hols

Female Arts is going to have a slow week as the editor is going to a part of Scotland where there is no internet connection or mobile phone reception - not sure how we'll cope!

Service will resume on the 6th September 2011

Welcome New Writers

Female Arts is delighted to welcome our new reviewers Kay Dixon, Kathy Cakebread and Bianca Lorena onto the team and our new feature writer Nataylia Roni .

You can see their first reviews here:

http://www.femalearts.com/node/109 Lady Gaga album Born This Way reviewed by Kay Dixon
http://www.femalearts.com/node/110 Dirty Dancing film review by Kathy Cakebread
http://www.femalearts.com/node/114 The Magdalene Sisters film film review by Bianca Lorena

20 weeks of baby joy and posset

It’s so tempting to give nicknames to the baby as he changes so quickly and looks so cute. Recently, we’re calling him The Tooth, The Overlip, The OverLord, Churchill, and since he got the scratch on his head, Gorbachev, Harry Potter and Zorro.

Baby column at Frost Mag - 19 weeks

This week I talk about childcare: I’m finding the childcare situation hard. I love being with my son and he is my responsibility. At the same time, childcare is so demanding that, occasionally, I want a break to be ‘me’ again and not the constant food source / entertainment / companion.

Panic on the streets of London, panic on the streets of Birmingham

Have to comment on the destruction in London and other parts of the country - think it's disgusting and a slow reaction from those in charge as all leading political figures are on holiday (including Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron). BBC news suggests the thugs are excusing their actions because of poverty as they arrange another night of theft and arson via their blackberries! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14453143.

Baby blog at Frost Magazine - 18 weeks

Frost Magazine

The next installment of my baby column is up at Frost Magazine


It's been a week of highs and lows with feeling drained and not wanting to leave the house, to getting to the bright lights of the West End and seeing David Tennant on stage. Parenting is exhausting at times but worth it when you see a happy baby!

Wendy's baby column

I've started a weekly column about my baby son Dillon at Frost Magazine - each will contain updates on baby development, goods recommended (and not) and baby Q&A's.

Check out the first installment: http://frostmagazine.com/category/columns/wendys-baby-column/

Me (a punter) and Amy Winehouse

We were in the queue to get some Caribbean food from one of the market traders and Amy Winehouse and entourage pushed in front of us. Not close enough for a photo with her or autograph (not that her minders were allowing any of that, let me tell you) but near enough to get a clearer look at the person and to hear her natural speaking voice as she ordered her lunch.


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