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Slut Walk

Women marching to wear what they want, with no apologies. They are NOT 'asking for it'


Student parents and childcare

There are no creche facilities at the University of London. I'm surprised there aren't any available or any childcare discounts for student parents in London (email me if you know otherwise)... will have to start a petition for this...watch this space.

Australians fighting for equal pay

My cousin in Australia alerted me to this court case for public sector workers- and the update is that equal remuneration was agreed. See the article in the link below for more details.

All Female Production of Titus Andronicus in June

The Inside of Out Theatre company are performing an all female production of Titus Andronicus at The Baron's Court Theatre, a fringe venue in London from 7 to 12 June 2011. For more information see link


One in nine women are raped in Congo

Disturbing report in Friday 13th's Metro about the sheer scale of raped women in Congo - found the article online in The Guardian



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