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Interesting reflection about wearable skin art

Kat Winifred Art at Inked Palette Deasil

As long as I could remember I have always enjoyed looking at tattoos with adm

At Home With Vanley Burke

At Home with Vanley Burke

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Birmingham Womens Network Group at the Impact Hub

The Birmingham Women’s Networking group at the Impact Hub in Digbeth, in August 2015. This event was a social and community focus group for women with similar interests. I attended with eagerness.

Five minutes in conversation with Yaz Alexander

In conversation with Yaz Alexander, singer and musician. Yaz is producing and promoting a new film “Women In Reggae - the UK perspective” which is a Sandshore Arts Ltd film production. I saw her perform in Birmingham - Yaz’s voice, her force so powerful, it echoed right off the walls including the vibrating sound system.

Home For Waifs And Strays - 'Born To Be Wild' Feminist Art Exhibition Birmingham

Home For Waifs And Strays Co-Director Kate Spence invited some of her favourite female performance artists to submit video of their work to be screened at April's Digbeth First Friday, coinciding with the opening of STRYX’s feminist residency programme that runs through April and May.

Birmingham Fest 2015

The Blue Orange Theatre writers present 'Shorts 3' - Birmingham Fest 2015

A Very Tired Feminist

I’ve been a proud capital ‘F’ feminist since I was 18, and I’m now 32. Back then, realising I was a feminist was a huge deal and it made me excited. It was a man who made me realise I was a feminist, because he told me he was one, and explained why calling yourself a feminist was a good thing, an empowering, positive thing. It meant, he told me, that we didn’t judge according to gender, that we celebrated the achievements of both sexes and that we were focussed on living our lives in an open, supportive and non-judgemental way. (read on)

Starting Young: Gender Disparity in the Classroom

I want us to imagine a future for our children that is free of gender restrictions, that will allow them to dream in to becoming whoever they choose to become without limits. And speaking specifically from my own experiences as a woman, I want to see things change for girls. Because equality is better for everyone. (read on)

My Rhodia stationery

Notepads are essential for reviewing shows and exhibitions. For a little while I tried to write notes on my smartphone but the screen glare can be distracting and the battery inevitably runs down. It's still quicker to write longhand than to fiddle around with an onscreen keyboard. Imagine my delight (squeee!) when the lovely folk at bureau direct got in contact to tell me about My Rhodia. It's a premium French brand of notepads, notebooks and other stationery items like pencils and desktop accessories. (read on)...

Does a pink background on a feminist advert matter?

This picture of Emma Watson shows a quote from her about feminism and the #HeforShe campaign. I got upset that whoever designed this image placed it on a pink background. Why? it's just a colour surely. What does it matter? (read on)...