Panic on the streets of London, panic on the streets of Birmingham

Have to comment on the destruction in London and other parts of the country - think it's disgusting and a slow reaction from those in charge as all leading political figures are on holiday (including Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron). BBC news suggests the thugs are excusing their actions because of poverty as they arrange another night of theft and arson via their blackberries! Spare a thought to those living in slums in developing countries who don't get benefits, who don't have a roof over their head or clean drinking water. People in this country don't know how lucky we are, even those living on the poverty line. There is no excuse for turning our home into a war zone and setting fire to our high streets. I think there is no political motivation now, just mindless opportunism.

To all the women performing and working in London and other parts of the country, stay safe.

(c) Wendy Thomson 2011