TRAVESTI by Unbound Theatre set to transfer to Edinburgh Festival: Guest Feature


Towards the end of last year, we interviewed a number of women about their experiences of being a woman. They told us about why they wore make up, whether they shaved off their body hair and why, the times they’d been groped or assaulted or filmed against their will, and one brave woman told us about when her boyfriend would come home drunk and force sex with her. It was a humbling and inspiring few days, from which I then went about transcribing their interviews and creating a working draft of a script, which I hope did those women justice.

6 months later and we’ve been a finalist in the Lost Theatre’s 5 minute festival, shown a developing version at the Etcetera Theatre to 4 star receptions and support from theatre directors Ian Rickson and Christopher Haydon and comedian Chris Addison, and have recently announced that Travesti has been programmed by the Pleasance Theatre to be part of their 30th Anniversary festival programme in Edinburgh this summer. None of this was planned when I originally had the idea, but we are so excited that this is where we are now!

We can’t wait to bring this show to a new audience - potentially over 2000 people - and share the questions and discussions that Travesti involves. We think it’s a really important piece, with themes that need to be aired. By having men share these stories, we want to highlight that women shouldn’t feel that being subject to these behaviours isn’t noteworthy. Gender is irrelevant - no person, male or female, should experience what is unfortunately an everyday occurrence for many women.

We’re going to Edinburgh with high hopes. We’re aiming for sell-outs, positive reviews and obviously the dream is a fringe first and London transfer and tour! However, taking a play to Edinburgh for the month costs a significant amount. Our hope is to be able to pay our actors, so we’re looking at a budget between £16-22k. We have a Kickstarter with the target of £4k, though we would love to go beyond that target! The more we raise, the more likely we’ll be able to secure the venue, accommodation and production costs involved with taking a show to the festival.

We think Travesti could have long-jevity - and like Female Arts' reviewer Carly Halse said, could be “a bit of a run away hit” - but the first step is Edinburgh.

(C) Rebecca Hill 2014


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