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All-Female theatre company Get Over It Productions was founded in 2004 by Paula Benson, Sonia Kamel, Tania Kieffer, Telma Rocha and Velenzia Spearpoint. Largely based in physical theatre, the founding members of Get Over It Productions are veterans of the Edinburgh Fringe where they have collectively devised and performed their own and others work.

Get Over It Productions didn't purposely set our to form an "all-female" theatre company, it just happened that we were all women and so initially we looked for plays with an all-female cast. However, we soon realised that this left us with a very limited (and oftentimes dated) choice. This led us to the realisation that most of the substantial roles in theatre were predominantly male and that is when we decided to put on productions and play all the roles ourselves. Simple.

With our roots steeped in the tradition of absurdist/physical theatre we knew we didn't necessarily want to put on naturalistic pieces. This led us to Shakespeare, which became the perfect medium for our style. The stories being timeless and the language so beautiful, we therefore found Shakespeare allowed us to just play the characters freely without the audience questioning our gender or sexuality.

Our first Shakespeare production was a 20min version of Hamlet (2006), which consisted of frilly knickers, painted faces and a two minute fast replay of the whole play! Coincidentally, after performing this at various venues, in 2007 we thought about taking things back up to Edinburgh then we discovered the The Camden Fringe. For the last eight years we have been stalwarts of The Camden Fringe producing and performing innovative all-female versions of the Bard’s classics. We owe a lot to The Camden Fringe founders Zena and Michelle who have supported us throughout the years and in turn we feel we have grown with the festival, which is now bigger than ever.

Although we do love Ol' Willy, we are not exclusively a Shakespeare company. We have performed several runs of The Vagina Monologues (one of our faves to anglicise) and in 2012 after playwright Nicholas Shelton approached us, we platformed his new play Deathline. This was a fantastic process, as we worked in close proximity with him, workshopping and reworking the piece. This is something we would definitely love to do again and are always open to (get in touch playwrights!).

As a company, our process is quite straight forward; once we decide on the play, as if by magic, our Artistic Director Paula Benson decides on the theme. This theme is then worked on through styling, design, costume, movement, music, hair and makeup. Our team is just us i.e. the founding members and we are entirely self-funded. Each production involves the core members of the company, returning actors and invited new actors. A vital part of our process is to showcase new talent and allow the rest of us further experience and more credits on our CVs! All of our performers have fabulous skills to offer in various fields. This is part of what makes the Get Over It Productions family a unique and talented troupe of women.

This August we are taking on Twelfth Night (The Etcetera Theatre, 15th-17th August, 5pm). Set in 1969, it's a psychedelic shakedown of Shakespeare's most captivating gender-bending comedy. Hence, satisfying Paula's hippy roots, it also reflects the peace movement, which given today's current state of affairs has now sadly and ironically become very apt. However, we do promise 60's tunes, beard action and a barrel of laughs - so come on down!

Our ultimate goal is to tour as an ensemble, like an old fashion repertory company; delivering our particular versions of Shakespeare and our uniquely British Vagina Monologues, back to back, roaming the world.

All we need is a generous benefactor, a van and a trunk and we'll be on our way.
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Get Over It Productions, Twelfth Night
15th-17th August 5pm
Etcetera Theatre
265 Camden High St
Tickets £8 (£6.50 concessions)

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