THE LEGACY by Angela Clarke opens at Hope Theatre tonight


@ The Hope Theatre, Islington

Runs 8th – 13th June

Press Nights: 7.45PM, 8th & 9th June 2015

In 2014, Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz became a lightning rod for worldwide anti-rape and women's rights protests, when she carried the mattress she was assaulted on to classes and lectures.

Inspired by those events THE LEGACY, by acclaimed author and debut playwright Angela Clarke, is a cynically funny play that explores gender, affluence, and shouting back.

'I read her newspaper bits. In one of them she used the v-word. Vagina. Actually wrote it. Thank god Daddy only read The Telegraph.'

Imagine if you took a politically minded, media savvy, online viral activist, and dropped them into conservative, status driven, vanilla suburbia?

Loving wife and mother Rebecca is thrilled when her estranged sister Esther shows up for the reading of their late father's will. But free spirited Esther's very presence soon disrupts Rebecca's dream suburban life; prompting questions neither sister wants to face. Cracks appear. Tempers fray. And the truth about Esther's disappearance a decade ago finally surfaces.

THE LEGACY is an exciting new play about love, money and bleeding-heart liberals.

Cast: Lucinda Westcar – Rebecca, Jim Mannering – Adam, Claira Watson Parr - Esther

Creatives: Producer - The Word Play Company, Director - Michael Beigel, Stage Manager - Imogen Harris

The Word Play Company specialises in dynamic, socially-conscious new writing.

Sharply observed and extremely funny” - Hello! Magazine

"Consistently shocking and hilarious in equal measure" - The Vagenda


Listings Information


Venue: The Hope Theatre, 207 Upper Street, London, N1 1RL

Dates and Times: 8th – 13th June, Mon - Sat 7.45pm, Sat 2.30pm

Tickets: £14 & £12 concs

Box Office: 0333 666 3366,

Twitter: @TheHopeTheatre, @TheLegacyPlay

Facebook: /thehopetheatre, /TheLegacyPlay


For more information, interviews and press bookings, please contact Angela on or 07791 886907.


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