'Miramar’ By Theatre Triongl - Review

Imagine losing your home after 52 years -would you ‘chain yourself to the walls like a hippy?’ or ‘go quietly’ like 74 year old Enid… She’s not one to cause a scene…although… Yearnings for home run deep and the artful Enid quickly develops a plan. All goes swimmingly until two young women ‘Kitty’ and ‘Sandra’ turn up. One cannot help but admire Enid’s die hard spirit in the face of a brutal reality.

‘Miramar’ handles themes of homelessness with a plot that is both original and witty. The play is thought provoking in its consideration of class and cultural identity and the necessity of ‘home’ in the lives of us all. The role of women in the play was of particular interest to me and notably the struggle that each woman faces, regardless of class or age, to articulate their particular need. The split states of constraint and over emotionalism conveyed by the characters felt true to my experience of the lives of women. I could identify with the fantasy world of Enid as she attempts to rewind and replay how she ‘should’ or ‘could’ have played it. I felt the characters were well observed and authentic and this added to the play’s strong sense of humour. The cast of three women showcase a natural flair for comedy. I laughed hard.

Without detracting from the brilliance of the play’s humour, I did wonder whether ‘Mirimar’ could have intensified the dramatic moments of pain associated with loss and homelessness and if there might have been a more sinister side to Enid’s character to be brought out?

‘Miramar’ also offered a post-show talk in partnership with ‘Llamau’, a homelessness organisation for young women. The alliance of theatre and charity felt really worthwhile. In this particular case the ‘older person’s’ theme of the play didn’t align too well with the younger person’s agenda of the charity which, was a little confusing. Nevertheless, I hope to see more of these kinds of partnerships which, must surely impact upon our understanding of the lives of others. I thoroughly enjoyed this thought provoking, witty play. I look forward to seeing more from ‘Theatre Triongl’.

(c) Sarah Dosomah 2015

Chapter Arts Centre 15th June 2015

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