(Women's) World Cup and England's female football team. Don't call them lionesses!

Over the past couple of weeks I've been caught up in the Women's World Cup, which has made me think about women in sport, and the wish for women in sport to have an equal profile, training and pay to men. I've been engaging my friends in online debate and here are some of my thoughts:

Just stop calling them the lionesses they are lions too. And playing better football than the men's game. Which should be the mens world cup. Not just 'the world cup'. And lets get these fabulous women equivalent sponsorship deals and see their premier league games on TV as often as we see the mens. And maybe just maybe (oh the horror) have mixed sex games, can we handle it? So proud of all the nations playing women's football. Such a shame gender discrimination in sport continues in our schools today.

Thirty years ago I used to play football in primary school, then I was made to play hockey and netball. Can we stop forcing girls and boys into 'gendered' sports in school and let the children choose. While viewing schools for my son this year I've seen this same sex discrimination continue in sport (the boys are expected to play cricket, rugby and football). If England can beat Germany in a world cup we can let girls play football (and cricket and rugby). Come on teachers and coaches, lets support girls and treat them as #Equal.

According to the official England football twitter feed our 'lionesses' can "go back to being mothers, partners and daughters". Thanks @England! Is that like how male footballers go back to only being husbands, fathers and sons when the world cup is over? Not. I guess women can't keep on being professional footballers on 40 times less salary can they?... That just wouldn't be sporting.

(c) Wendy Thomson 2015 (@topgirls)