Does a pink background on a feminist advert matter?

This picture of Emma Watson shows a quote from her about feminism and the #HeforShe campaign. I got upset that whoever designed this image placed it on a pink background.

Why? it's just a colour surely. What does it matter? Promoters don't have to colour things in pink thinking '"this will appeal to women" it is insulting, I am not a child and I also don't think children should have their toys and clothes colour-coded. It is just as important that feminist messages reach men. If this message is coloured in pink (aiming at women) will men think it is for them? (The #HeforShe campaign is meant to appeal to male feminists / male allies). Will they read it?

Isn't it ironic that a feminist message is in pink? Why is the image of Emma Watson in monochrome except for her lips, which have been coloured in pink to match the background? Why are women having to paint their lips to look like vaginas? (That's what lipstick is meant to make men / others think of when they look at women wearing it.)

Do men (or those who don't wear make-up), consider how time consuming it is for women and others, to put on make-up in the morning? - just to look 'normal'.

You could say, Wendy, if you feel that way, don't wear it. The thing is, if I don't, I don't look 'normal' I look 'wrong'. Because the perception of normality for women is that we will have lipstick on and some eyeshadow and foundation and maybe mascara. It is not considered 'normal' for no make-up in public.

I'm not talking about not grooming, I want to be as clean and look as neat as the next person, but why should it take me up to half an hour longer to get ready than a man who doesn't wear makeup...because society expects me to look a certain way. And I have to pay for the privilege of looking 'normal' and I am made to feel insecure if I don't look 'normal'.

It is not normal to wear make-up, I was not born with it on, and I won't die with it on.

Is Emma Watson wearing make-up because she wants to? What would be the repercussions if she didn't? What would be the reaction of women's magazines which are filled with adverts for hair, beauty and slimming products? As this industry pays the salary of the writers (directly or indirectly) they are not going to bite the hand that feeds them by writing: 'hey girl, don't wear make up, you don't need it!'. Even if Emma Watson wanted them to.

A lot of these magazines thrive on gossip and on insulting women's looks. Being cruel (who has strectch marks? a stone overweight! bingo wings!) seems to sell more copies. We are made to feel insecure about our looks and a patriarchal society encourages women to be in competition with each other - who can look better? rather than supporting each other.

I wholeheartedly agree with Idil Sukan who thinks that anyone who is a photograper also has to be a feminist. Here are her thoughts:

I tweeted Emma Watson out of curiosity (although I don't want to put her on the spot as sometimes when you wear make-up, it starts to become hard to know if you're doing it for yourself anymore.) I asked "@EmWatson Dear Emma, do you wear make up because of the societal pressure for all women to wear make up in public, or because you *want* to?".

(c) Wendy Thomson 2015 (@topgirls)