Claudia Palazzo directs choreographic film 'Boom Done Shop'

Performers (left to right) Tom Tree, Francis Doody and Grace Nicol

Against the backdrop of an Essex shower room three performers take us on a surreal journey of fears, fetishes and dance routines. Discussing gender, sexuality, self possession, pop and Nicole Scherzinger, Palazzo faces up to the anxiety of finding your place on the spectrum of gender and sexual orientation: the pressure of finding an identity while you’re still young enough to shape one.

The scenes are set to a specially commissioned track which combines Francis Doody’s aggressively fragile vocals and Thomas Swarman’s baselines. Doody captivates us with his on screen presence, taking our senses with him in an immersive performance.

“I am interested in performers and in particular the moments before performance that take place in a changing room. These rooms are full of self doubt diluted with absolute narcissism.They are a transitory space between the private and the public. I often think about how we perform being ourselves and what it means to lose yourself. There is something about the playful simplicity and youthfulness of Boom Done Shop’s designs that reminds us we can easily just change our T-shirts and get on with life!” (Claudia Palazzo)

Director of photography Ian Buswell’s background is in documentary story telling, this project is a natural creative progression. With his intimate hand-held camera work and connection to his subject taking the viewer on a voyeuristic journey.

This collaboration launches exciting new talent in a collection of debuts. Bringing together artists from diverse disciplines. Claudia Palazzo makes her first mark as a director of film. Boom Done Shop emerges as a brand and Doody steps into the ring as a solo artist. Palazzo’s crew have made a powerful entrance.

About Claudia Palazzo
Artist, Choreographer and Londoner, Claudia Palazzo is best known for her highly charged and atmospheric live performance. Her work has been presented in nightclubs, theatres, galleries, shops, music videos, dole queues and festivals. She has collaborated and performed with artists such as Eddie Peake, Clod Ensemble, Ann-Liv Young, Holly Blakey and Gary Clarke.

Talking back to dominant assumptions and expectations, her work often investigates the public and private representations of the body. Heavily influenced by the urban trends and landscapes of East London where she grew up, Palazzo is preoccupied by themes of joy and shame, hedonism and activism, class and privilege. Above all she needs dance.

About Boom Done Shop
A couple of lost boys who spent their boyhood playing outside. Boom Done Shop make ethical and organic hand printed T-shirts and sweatshirts for all the lost boys and girls. The London based brothers hope to infect the T-shirts with the fun they have making them and the spirit of their youth.

About Francis Doody
Former frontman and founder of the band Franky and the Jacks, Francis Doody is foremost a singer and songwriter. Born in Wales to English parents, his characteristic vocal style, whilst unmistakably English seems to carry with it a folk like quality which reverberates deep into the heart of the welsh mountains.
Although he had always sung, Doody gave up the guitar aged nine, reportedly after failing to grasp Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner after lesson one. He was in his twenties and training to become an actor when his passion for the guitar returned and his patience had matured. Today alongside the work he produces as an actor and as a musician: he is currently in training to become a tattoo artist as his alter ego Doodicus Minor, much of the work on his body was tattooed by his own hand.

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