Pitschi is a story about being yourself.

I think that's really important because there are days when we all wish we could be someone else but I don't think that would be a good idea at all because there is only one of each of us and that's pretty special. I'm only 7 years old and sometimes I just want to be a grown-up or living in Japan or something super-adventurous like that but when I think about it, I’d rather be myself.

Pitschi lives with her Grandma Lisette and their dog called Bello on a farm high up in the Swiss Alps. She doesn’t much care for joining in the fun with her mischievous brothers and sisters and dreams of being someone else. Pitschi thinks that anything is better than being a cat! She goes off on an exciting adventure around the farm to meet the other animals, but every time she tries to live some else's life things go really badly. Finally she discovers that she can be happy only by being who she is.

Grandma Lisette is played by Natasha Granger who can speak English and Swiss and I loved how she invited us all onto the stage afterwards and we had a little play with the kittens. I loved the song which I'm still by humming away two days later.

This play was written by Swiss author Hans Fischer who has won many awards. It has delighted generations of children all around the world.

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