Five minutes in conversation with Yaz Alexander

I came across Yaz Alexander over many years at creative events around the Midlands. Briefly I noticed Yaz Alexander at SimmerDown 2014 networking with other musicians and artists. I started to follow Yaz on her Facebook page and I noticed that she was writing a blog and she was definitely calling for some serious attention to her music being promoted on Reverbnation website.

But as, I followed on facebook page. Yaz was typing about events happening in the Birmingham area particularly at Sun on the hill pub on Bennetts Hill. Although, I had a busy day going to work from 7 in the morning. I thought I’d just pop in the evening and catch a bit of the magnetic presence of Yaz. Luckily I caught the last song being performed “Empress” - Yaz’s voice, her force so powerful, it echoed right off the walls including the vibrating sound system. Yaz didn’t care how many people were in the audience it could be 5 people it could be 1 million, Yaz wants to share her gift,

Yaz is giving out her message in her music with such vitality. You can see this roughcut live performance on my YouTube link and you can understand why Yaz is highly regarded with her peers and a great professional in her craft.

Yaz discussed with me briefly that she understood the difficulties and troubles that many female musicians have come across within the music industry. Yaz supported and is interested in the approach of on gender equality. I asked what are her new projects coming up. Yaz mentioned she is releasing new music and performing non-stop. Yaz is associate producer for Sandshore Arts. Yaz is producing and promoting a new film “Women In Reggae - the UK perspective” which is a Sandshore Arts Ltd film production.

You can find information on Facebook and
Sureconnectmi youtube channel - Yaz Alexander performing at The sun in the Hill, Bennetts HIll, Brum

(c) Gina Smith 2015