Birmingham Womens Network Group at the Impact Hub

The Birmingham Women’s Networking group at the Impact Hub in Digbeth, in August 2015. This event was a social and community focus group for women with similar interests. I attended with eagerness.

It’s an open project evening utilising our resources, offering suggestions, discussing ideas and using the space to meet informally and engage with others in the West Midlands. This is a linkup and collaboration evening which includes bringing food and sharing.

It’s not for business networking. It’s about the social issues impacting on girls and women in the West Midlands. This informal evening highlighted up and coming events that are important to the West Midlands community. This event was a good face-to-face event compared to networking and communicating in the cyber world. This was a great opportunity being organic and in fact the event was quite useful and forthcoming following my previous in-person attendance at the WoW week in London and the UK Feminsta training back in 2014 So this was an event that was beneficial to me.

But this was also taking a look at the social model and the social responsibility of what the community is doing for the present and future of women and girls in the West Midlands. If you want further information please contact Shahida Choudhry via Women’s Networking Hub on Facebook group. and /

(c) Gina Smith 2015