Interview: Figs in Wigs

Figs in Wigs kicked off their new tour of 'Show Off' on 24th Oct, you can catch them at various places in the UK until the end of Nov. Show Off explores ideas of value, taste and trash. Figs in Wigs are introduced and re-introduced as dancers, stand up comedians, a circus troupe, visual artists and musicians. I caught up with them this week to ask a few questions about them, their work and the tour - their lively interview got me very excited about this show and will hopefully do the same for you too.

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1. Describe Figs in Wigs in a sentence…
Experimental performance collective committed to delivering bad jokes with expert timing.

2. How did you all meet and start working together?
We met back in twenty ten at Queen Mary University of London. We bonded over the best way to slice a mango and a shared love of puns. We started making stuff together alongside our degree and when we graduated we decided to just carry on. We've now been carrying on for over three years...

3. Tell us about your latest show...
Show Off is a variety show with very little variety as the only act is us, Figs in Wigs. We wanted to explore whether social media makes us more narcissistic and we thought the best way to do this was to make a show entirely about ourselves. But we have learnt some new skillz specially for the show including hula hooping, painting, music making and doing really quick costume changes.

4. What was your inspiration for the material?
We originally wanted to go with a cashmere or something woollen but then thought as materials go it probably would have been too warm under the stage light. Then we saw this incredible holographic nylon, quite futuristic, that would have been perfect but it was out of our price range. In the end we found a black netted fabric, almost a mesh really, with silver disc detailing, which we're really happy with.

5. What do you hope audiences will take away from watching?
They can take whatever they want. Apart from the instruments, we borrowed those.

6. There's been a lot of coverage in the media over the past couple of years about the challenges women in comedy face - do you feel it's getting any better?
Not really. Look around, there’s women everywhere now, on stage and television, in comedy clubs, sometimes even writing their own material. It’s disgusting. I mean look at us, here we are promoting a tour of our show that we’ve wasted eighteen months of our life on that could have been spent at home doing the housework, shaving our toes and intermittently cradling our wombs and sobbing against the ticking soundtrack of our body clocks.

7. What are you most excited about for your tour?
New bum bags. And regional Wetherspoons.

8. Where can we stalk you on social media?
Twitter @figsinwigs, Facebook /figsinwigs Instagram @figsinwigs and Vine (if that’s still a thing) @figsinwigs

9. And where can we book tickets for your show?

(c) Amie Taylor 2015 @spoonsparkle

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