Book Review Eddie Chambers Black Artists In British Art – A History Since The 1950’s

A Book Review - Black Artists In British Art – A History Since The 1950s, Pub 2014

Eddie Chambers

Publishers : I.B. Tauris -

Black Artists In British Art – A History Since The 1950s is a very good read. This should be read by anyone interested in Black British Artists. This book documents the background of key artists behind changing political climate and important art movements. The book is thoroughly researched and informative relating to societies changing attitudes to Black Artists and their practice. It acknowledges the artists featured with a good selection of artwork by them. This defines the artist’s significant impact within British Art and society. This book details the tensions felt by artists during the nationwide racial conflicts and their personal struggles expressed in their practice. It focuses in on the artist accounts of racism and inequality felt among many black and Indian artists being ignored, segregated or as Eddie Chambers define “eradicated” from British Art and Market. The editor of agreed with this statement about black artist in British Art. But it must be noted that Eddie Chambers has outdone himself promoting this book within the UK. I had the opportunity to attend the “Running Through The Jungle” event at the Ikon Art Gallery which Eddie Chambers was in topical conversation with artist/curator Morgan Quaintance and convened by Marlene Smith. This book is exceptional, informal read and could benefit as part of further educational curriculum. I look forward reading books in the future written by Eddie Chambers.

Eddie Chambers, Morgan Quaintance and Marlene Smith