RED Women's Theatre Awards

RED Women's Theatre Awards supported by Greenwich Theatre and co-produced by Female Arts is a new annual playwriting award aimed at all women who have an inspirational, questioning and challenging social and political voice.

RED believes that theatre is a truly revolutionary tool and only when everyone is given a voice can we change and shape the world around us. We believe that women need and deserve a platform on which to tell their stories and to give their opinion.

A platform, undisturbed by loud and intimidating voices, a platform untouched by the contentious notions of public spaces, historically denied to us as women.

Throughout the known human narrative, good girls are expected to observe rules of voiceless immobility.

Recent events in the Mediterranean and a changing political landscape have inaugurated fourth wave feminism. A science of proving and a philosophy of shaping women as consciousness, as citizen and as owner of her body and her person.

Questions of politics, subjecthood, transnational identity and SPACE are traditionally outside of a good girl’s remit. Phenomenal girls have always spoken loudly and proudly about these questions and we will do the same.

The female aesthetic in theatre is quietly, slowly surfacing.

We will speed up the process.

Our First Regional Final, co-produced by Female Arts takes place at Greenwich Theatre on 6 March 2016 6.30pm

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