King’s Head Theatre Spring Season Announcement

Image: Eigengrau

Following hot on the heels of the most audacious winter season in recent years, the King’s Head Theatre is thrilled to announce that two critical revivals plus London transfers for three Edinburgh Fringe success stories will play at the venue from this April to July. After the critical and commercial success of Trainspotting, Artistic Director of the King’s Head Theatre, Adam Spreadbury-Maher returns to the director’s chair for Strangers in Between. First staged by Sydney’s Griffin Theatre Company in February 2005, Tommy Murphy’s play won the New South Wales Premiere literary award. Following an unexpected and brutal beating from his brother, sixteen year old Shane runs away to Sydney’s King’s Cross and is thrust into an adult world of sex, friendship and uncertainty. Adam comments ‘I’m delighted to be bringing this brilliant play by one of Australia’s finest playwrights to audiences in London for the first time.’

Before that, April will see our first full cabaret season, complete with on-stage tables and a pop-up bar to welcome hit cult musical Saucy Jacks and the Space Vixens as well as a musical comedy taxidermy puppet show from avant-garde performance artist, Charlie Tuesday Gates; Sing For Your Life. Both productions enjoyed a phenomenal response last summer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In May and June, graduate of the King’s Head trainee directors scheme, Mary Franklin, stages the first major London revival of Howard Brenton’s Christie in Love. Written in 1969, the play is a chilling insight into the mind of John Christie, one of the twentieth centuries most notorious serial killers.

Alongside this, we welcome the return of Big Brother Blitzkrieg by Hew Rous Eyre & Max Elton and the first London revival of Bush Theatre hit, Eigengrau by Penelope Skinner. After spotting Hannah Joss’ production at the Brighton Fringe last year, we resolved to bring it to the capital in line with our commitment to staging first revivals of work by contemporary playwrights. Bitter Pill Theatre’s satire, moreover, which sees Hitler entrapped in the Big Brother house, has never been more relevant now reality star Donald Trump can be considered a serious presidential candidate.

With an unashamedly broad church of programming, transfers to and from the biggest arts festivals in the world, and a trail-blazing policy of ethical employment on the fringe, we’re as committed as ever to being the most diverse and best pub theatre in London; if it’s on here, you won’t see it anywhere else!

King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, London N1 1QN,

26th April - 21st May (8:45pm)
Kick back for an inter-galactic disco extravaganza that explodes all around you.
Indulge in some killer entertainment in Saucy Jack’s club and rub shoulders with
the cosmic cast at the fully functioning bar. Having delighted audiences on three
continents, including three West End runs, this Fringe First-winning cult hit has
returned to London.

27th April - 21st May (7:00pm)
Notorious taxidermy artist Charlie Tuesday Gates has scraped up roadkill,
bought deceased dogs on GumTree and revived her family pet to bring you
this 5*, death-defying and hilariously unsettling musical comedy... starring
real dead animal puppets. Hold on to your conscience - it's the greatest
show that ever died! This shocking, nauseating and sidesplitting comedy
explores Charlie Tuesday Gates’ ongoing work on animal cruelty, and our
hypocritical relationship to the natural world.

25th May - 18th June (7:00pm)
Between 1943 and 1953, John Christie killed eight women, and hid
their bodies around the Notting Hill boarding-house – 10 Rillington Place –
where he lived. In Howard Brenton’s 1969 award-winning play, Christie
shuffles through a mass of newsprint, wittily parrying the questions of
policemen whose misogyny matches his own. Smutty limericks, an inflatable
woman, a stunning sequence of hallucinatory theatrical images, an
indictment of a hypocritical and prurient press, and a subtle exploration of
the dictum that ‘Each man kills the thing he loves’.

26th May - 18th June (8:30pm)
After a botched suicide attempt Adolf Hitler awakes to find himself in the
Big Brother House. Confused by his situation and surrounded by some of
the most loathsome individuals he’s ever met, he struggles to come to terms
with the world of reality television. Join Adolf on the journey of a lifetime as
he makes friends, faces demons and finds his true voice. But will he win over
the hearts and minds of the viewers in the process? Bitter Pill’s satire of
reality TV returns to the King’s Head following sell-out London and
Edinburgh runs and with Donald Trump being seen as a serious Presidential
contender the subject matter has never felt more topical.

22nd June - 16th July (8:30pm)
Shane is sixteen, cute and scared sh*tless. After an abrupt and brutal
beating from his brother, he's fled rural Australia for downtown
Sydney. Adrift among the lonely hearts of King’s Cross, Shane attempts to
wrestle with the shades of his past and make sense of new relationships in
an unfamiliar world. The King’s Head Theatre presents the UK premiere of
Tommy Murphy’s critically acclaimed drama. In equal parts humorous and
poignant, Strangers In Between is an uncompromising portrait
of family, friendship and sexuality in modern Australia.

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