Laurence King Publishing: Dreamday Pattern Journals - Review

Dreamday Pattern Journals are 108 page A5 size notebooks for writing, musing, drawing and doodling. Each journal contains patterned pages for colouring-in and doodling interspersed with blank pages for taking notes and drawing.

The journals are a blend of traditional blank journals with the current trend for adult colouring-in books - which have been ‘proven to combat stress.’ Psychologists say grown up colouring books are great because when we focus on the activity of colouring, it calms the mind and takes our focus away from worries, whilst stimulating motor skills, senses and creativity.

Each Dreamday Pattern Journal has a visual theme associated with a particular period and place, including Renaissance Florence, Medieval Paris, 1920s Manhattan, and Mid-Century Scandinavia.

The Renaissance design notebook incorporates patterns inspired by Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral in Florence. The cover has blue cube blocks with an orange spine and inside are coloured endpapers of smaller orange and white cubes that the eye sees as hexagons without any shading to make 2D diamonds look like 3D cubes. A bookplate page features a square patterned image like a ceiling fresco with dotted lines on which to stake your ownership.

For approximately every eight blank unlined pages is a changing double page unique symmetrical pattern, like those formed by kaleidoscopes, to colour in or you can attempt to repeat drawing the pattern yourself in the tantalising blank squares.

The Art Deco notebook incorporates patterns inspired by 1920’s Manhatten. The cover comprises black and white geometric interlocking squares, with a golden brown spine. The interior discs and rectangles are reminiscent of the Art Deco Chrysler building with highly stylised natural and geometric symmetrical forms.

The Scandinavian design has colourful pinks, blues, purples, greys and greens on the cover, with a pink spine and incorporates Mid-Century Modern patterns.

The Heraldic notebook design has reddish pink, orange and purple shapes with the fleur-de-lis on the cover, with a black spine and incorporates heraldic patterns inspired by medieval Paris.

These are a series of elegant and distinctive notebooks made with quality paper that are a nice size and have richly coloured covers that with your own sketches, writing, designs and colouring will become uniquely personal. The journal will have a new face every time you look at it.

The first four titles in the series are:
Renaissance –Florence, Art Deco – Manhattan, Heraldic – Paris and Mid-Century Modern – Scandinavian Design.

In July 2016 Laurence King publishing will launch two new styles: Japanese – Kyoto and Marrakesh – Morrocan style.

Why ‘Dreamday’ journals? A dream day could be the best day of your life, or it could be the daydream or fantasy that lets your mind go free while your pen wanders across the page. The most exquisite patterns I’ve seen are Aboriginal as influenced by The Dreaming. Perhaps this could be a future Dreamday Pattern Journal?

(c) Wendy Thomson 2016

The Dreamday Pattern Journals retail at £10.95 each.

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