Rose Wylie 'Tilt the Horizontal into a Slant' - Exhibition review

In conversations about art, sometimes the conversation becomes very interesting when you mention you’ve seen new art work by an 82 year female living artist from Kent. Listening to art lovers their response is “Wow!” This response occurred in conversation after viewing the selected art collection of Rose Wylie’s 'Tilt The Horizontal Into A Slant' at one of Wales best culture and arts hub Chapter in Cardiff.

Rose Wylie’s artwork is on a different scale for fine oil paintings on viewing these blow up postcard-style paintings on canvas. In all the artworks it is fun, potent, with childlike, playful, brushstrokes and fluid shapes and crafty thick layering of vibrant paints and brutal black handwritten text. Rose has created hearty paint splashes and layers, that make the art pieces come alive. The collection pokes fun in tribute to films the artist might have enjoyed and reflects in her drawing style. Gazing at the artwork has a tale of its own and a crafty beauty with some swing. In conversation with invigilating artist Richard Higlett he mentioned, that Rose’s art technique was to wear high heels to create some of her paintings.

This exhibition is well curated and the curators have been exceptional supporting a painter displaying new fine art. During the duration of the exhibition there were interactive workshop sessions, films, talks and Q&A with directors and artists supporting, Rose Wylie in her absence. Some of the highlight pieces of work include:

Gallery one stand out pieces titled “Boy meets girl (Boots)', “Surprised boy meets girl” and calm painting “Palm Tree and Camel”. Created between 2012 and 2015 which is part of the tulip collection, a public and a private collection.

Gallery two features “Willow tree” and two other is a historical film story referencing pieces from old movies “The young and old Herr Reylinger” and “Herr Reylinger in white armour” part of the UNION Gallery collection representing Rose Wylie.

Gallery three on trend by picking “Inglorious Bastards” (featured photograph) a film by Quentin Tarantino and “Ray’s yellow plane” 2013. These paintings encompasses a playfulness and comic relief and are part of a private collections.

In the fourth gallery “NK (Syracuse Line up)” 2014. With its cheerfulness and energy and the painting “Theatre painting opening (black spots)”, 2015. Is part of Lee Seong Hye and Jang Young-Joong private collection.

Rose Wylie’s art exhibition at Chapter is bang on. This surpasses legendary 80 something artists. And thankfully the sprightly Rose Wylie brings a new optimistic outlook by creating fantastic work.

(c) Gina Smith 2016

Rose Wylie -
Tilt The Horizontal Into A Slant
Chapter, Cardiff
13 March 2016 – 29 May 2016

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