End of Time by Kathy Reid

End Of Time, a new comedy drama by playwright Kathy Reid premiered at Loddon Hall in Twyford, Berkshire between 17th and 19th May 2012.

In 2012 multi-billionaire Blake Price achieves eternal life when he takes a pill created by his own pharmaceutical company. What leads Blake to this point and how will this change impact him and those around him? With everything to live for, will Blake want to live forever? This production by Twyford and Ruscombe Theatre Group is the premier of a new comic drama by local playwright Kathy Reid.

“What do you think about the End of Time?” Here are the responses:
Blake Price: “There is no end of time for Sir Blake. Nobody dares tell me that there is. I’m on top of the world. On top of the world.”
Carrie-Ann: “Blakey says there’s no such thing as the end of time and I agree with him. Yes I definitely agree with him. He’s so handsome you know.”
Flora and Dora: “End of time Dora what d’ya think?” “End of Time?” “Yes” “Like no time” “Yes” “That sums up my whole life Flo. Never enough hours in the day!” “I give up!”
Angela: “I miss Blake. Blake where are you? I’m waiting.”
Sarah: “With love there is no end of time. Blake I love you.”
Karl: “End of Time? Umm interesting. Let’s analyse this issue…”
Gallery Owner: “End of Time is a supremely accomplished work of art Sir. It would enhance your collection significantly and at £3 billion it constitutes an incredible investment opportunity.

Kathy Reid's blog http://www.reidwrites.co.uk
Twyford and Ruscombe Theatre Group www.twyrusdrama.org.uk/

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