Katia Kvinge: Squirrel, Edinburgh Review

Possessing oodles of energy, Katia Kvinge is not your average comedian. Born of Norwegian and American descent, but spent her formative years in Scotland, Kvinge was never going to be pigeon-holed. Her sense of humour can be described as zany with a propensity for delivery at breakneck speed.

By her own admission, Squirrels in its essence is two very dfferent shows merged together, with Kvinge 'jumping' back and forth between these disparate elements. The 'zanier' side of her comic routine is a total immersion into impressions of every persuasion, the more surreal the better. Animals, people in specific sitiations, people around the world – you name it, she does it.

Then there is the calmer, more contemplative side of her routine, which I confess I gravitated towards. This was where we learned a bit about what it was like growing up for her, what the 'Squirrel' in the show's name pertains to and some of the less-than-charming men she's dated in the past – the clarity of hindsight being a beautiful thing. The points she makes about definition of 'sociopaths', while funny does lend to her material a universal relevance and warning for women dating in general.

For two 'lucky' members of the audience, there's a real chance that Kvinge may play matchmaker and set you up with someone else at the show. You have been warned!

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Katia Kvinge's Squirrel ran at the Counting House, Edinburgh on 3rd-29th August, 2016. She can be seen again at Knock 2 Bag, Rich Mix, Shoreditch, London on 8th October.



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